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"If you mad stay mad, we not alike (Uh-uh) S-A-V-A-G-E"

"You know it's ten right?" King said in a harsh tone. I avoided his gaze and looked over at Ariel as she comes up to me and grabs Ava. When she gets close enough, I heard her whisper bitch and then she leaves me with the scary ass man.

"Hear me out, I know you said to be back at nine but the kids really wanted to stay longer. I couldn't say no to them" I was brave enough to look at him in the eyes only to see how fucking angry he really was.

"What you did could have put my fucking kids in danger!" He shouted and I jumped back.

"I'm really sorry... but aren't you supposed to mention those things to me. If you would have just told me about this so called "danger" then I would have brought them on time" I saw his adams apple bobbed as he looked away angrily.

"Even if I told you shit, you should bring them back at the time that I say. When I told you to be here by nine you need to listen to me. So what now everytime I let the kids go somewhere are you listen to them or me whos your fucking boss!" His voice echoes throughout the house. He knows that I can't yell at him or else I would be fired... I hated him but this job gives a good pay.

"I'm sorry. I won't do it again" I said looking at him in the eye and the angry man walked upstairs. I ran my hand through my hair and sighed feeling my heart beating out my chest. My face was hot and all I wanted to do right now was taking a relaxing shower. It hasn't been a month since I've been here and I already got yelled at, like I was a kid.

"Dáme un respiro" I muttered to myself as I walked up the stairs and into my room.

(Give me a break)

"What are you doing in here?" I jumped back seeing Jayden going through my dressers. I take off my shoes and throw them to the side.

"Sorry... remember last week when you took my Nintendo switch" I nodded my head while crossing my arms and he blankly stared at me.

"It's been a week since you took it away... can I have it back?" He scratched the back of his neck.

"It's in the first dresser to the left" I pointed to my drawer. I watched him take out one of my laciset panties and hold it up in front of him.

"Hey!" I yelled snatching it out his hands. I digged into the drawer handing him the console and I threw in my underwear back in.

"Damn I didn't you know you were like that" He said and I pushed the teenager out the room, locking the door behind him. I grabbed my phone and dialed Jennie's number and placed it on speaker as I went into the bathroom.

"Hey babe" I heard her voice and I suddenly felt sad for not hitting her up frequently.

"Hi Jen" I sat down on the marble counter.

"What's wrong?" She said and I laid my back against the giant mirror.

"I really miss you... I got yelled at for first time for not bringing the kids back on time from their school dance" My eyes felt heavy.

"Aw fuck him! If he wanted them back at a certain time then that man should have picked them up. I know you wanted those kids to have fun but damn he could have at least thanked you..." I laughed.

"Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon" I said and she hummed.

"I'll call her later I'm going to sleep" I hopped off the counter and grabbed my toothbrush and towel.

"Bye love you babe" I said it back to her and hung up the phone.


I ended taking a nap instead of sleeping. I wasn't tired now but I couldn't stop thinking if I was going to get fired. I mean he would have said something to me at the moment if I was.

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