New neighbours

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The sound of Jeremy Sanders constant exclamation over his new game was all it took to awaken Andrea Sanders even when her Alarm clock that had been beeping for over thirty minutes couldn't. Lazily, she opened her eyes then she turned over to see the portable alarm clock her seven years brother had given her for her sweet sixteen reading 8:47 am, holy dickens she swore under her breath

      She still hadn't gotten used to the job her domineering dad had gotten her as part of the "becoming responsible" process but one thing she was sure of was that she had grown to love it. The only problem she had with it was the part of it that entailed waking up earlier, she was never an early riser. It had never been her thing.

        At least, she was happy. She wasn't woken up by the constant clanging of metals that usually came from their next_door neighbors. They were now her ex next-door neighbors.   
Just for the record, she wasn't a creep to spy on neighbors and stuff. She was only privileged to have a jovial mum who happens to be all over the place.

      This was one of the times, she felt really privileged to have Maya as a best friend. Kicking off her pyjamas, she headed to her surprisingly clean bathroom considering the fact that she was not the type of girl to arrange her room and stuff. Giving herself the satisfaction of a decent shower despite knowing she was late. She sat on her bed and picked up her phone to call Maya. After about 3 rings, Maya finally picked up and she let out a relieved sigh.

"Hello"  Andrea greeted tucking a strand of hair back into the loose bun she had hastily created

"Hi" Maya replied in her sing song voice

"How was your night" Andrea asked trying to do some small talk before She actually asked her

"Fine, how was Caitlin's night?" Maya answered referring to the heroine from 'new girl at school' a book she was currently working on, sometimes she felt like Maya cared more about her characters than she did her

"Nothing much" Andrea replied and after a little pause she continued

" could you please fill in for me?" Andrea blurted biting her lower lips, she  never liked asking for favours for fear of rejection.

" Yeah, besides the house is really boring and everyone is out except me and who knows I might meet a really cute guy" Maya ranted on and Andrea simply laughed, Maya and her obsession with cute guys

" Thanks so much" I replied in a rush feeling really grateful and not wanting Maya to change her mind i quickly hung up, she would probably figure out what next to write since she has been suffering from writer's block lately.

       I then readjusted my hair into a tighter bun and hurried downstairs. Even at seventeen, I still couldn't withstand a little hunger but I was happy at least dad must have gone for one business meeting or the other by now. As looked at the large packet of cereal that stood at the counter for some reason she was not so sure of she felt she needed a change, so she opened the refrigerator and met some left over sandwich her mum had left and she quickly microwaved it.

     Ready to eat; she took a few bites before she met her mum

"Morning" I greeted dropping the sandwich I was busy munching on

" Morning dear, hope you slept well?" My mum Bell asked placing a light kiss on my forehead

"Yes, I replies and my mum came closer to take a seat by me

" I thought you were shifting today?my mum asked

"No, I said shaking my head "Maya is filling in for me" I said taking another mouthful of my sandwich

" Maya is a really nice girl" my mum noted

"Yes" I nodded in affirmation now taking the last bite of my sandwich
" our new neighbors are hosting an housewarming and we got invited and I simply sighed not in the least interested, parties are never my thing, something always go wrong

"Come on, it is going to be fun" my mum said and when she realized I was not bulging, she began to tickle me and I burst out laughing

"Okay" I managed to say amidst fits of laughter

"Then let's go get you in shape" my mum said, she was the type who really love shopping and stuff but like Maya says, I have a weird choice of clothing so it wasn't really my thing

I really hope the coming semester would be in shape, especially with the unresolved issue with Tyler, and for some reason I just can't understand, I just feel like it would

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