Lust my brother: Prologue

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Lust my brother


"AH" I moan while Eric lick my right breast

I still can't believe this, we are finally going to be together after sooo much pain, we can love each other, right know is happening what I've being logging for years.

His touch

His kiss

His want for my body

But most important: His love for me

Sooo much had happened in sooo little time, I still remember the day when he came back from college to spend Christmas, those were not good days for me but he makes them like the most important day of my live.

Although I still can't believe that we use to hate each other, we never got along, I honestly never imagine I would be here in this bed, with him on top of me making me feel thing I have never felt before.

Honestly I would have laugh at the thought, but now it's all I ever wanted and more.

I love Eric for 5 years now I was 13 and he was 16, that's when we stop hatting each other I guess but we didn't became something until well a few weeks ago, and now here I'm in France,  giving up my V-card to him the man of my dreams,

My Love

My boyfriend

My Lover

My brother

Well half-brother

I know what you are thinking: Ariel how you can love your brother?!? Is sooo sickening, it doesn't matter if he is your HALF-brother is still not right, is gross, it's a sin! It''s...


No one can choose who they are going to love it just happened

At first I was like EWW gross I LUST my brother

Yeah you heard right at first it was lust I couldn't help it he is just sooo YUMMY

Then throughout the years I figure out that I was IN LOVE with Eric but I still lust him you guys don't know how much XD

"Ariel you don't even have the slightest idea of how much I've being waiting for this day" Eric told me while touching every part of my body before capturing my lips with a kiss full of wanting, passion, love and lust.

"I know exactly what you mean" I said while kissing him back a smirk playing on my lips

After all I lust my brother

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