forever yours part 4

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**chapter 4**

hahhahahahaah that is soo funny.

i got high fives from every single guy a the table..

**flash back**

clare and i walk threw the lunch doors.. i smile and walk into the lunch line. the lady smiled and gave me my tray that i left behind.. i grab a big piece of chocolate cake with extra chocolate surup (my favorite!!) i payed and started walking over to sam... 

the next thing i knew i had pizzia all over my already stained jackit.. okay richie is really going to kill me.. i look up to see who tripped me.. that bitch.. ahhhhhh

i stand up look around like im sad... the hole caf. is dead sinlent..  and i burst out  laughing.. honistly this is stupid.. 

" hey tori" she was laughing so hard with her little friends she didnt see me come back over... she turned around slowly and gave me the death glare.. "well since i have lunch on me i was hopping you would take dessert" and with that i smached the chocolate cake all over her face... man i smired that shit in so well she will have to take like three showers to get it out... i  start luaghing and i walk away.. bullshit bitch you dont mess with me or my girl!

** end of flach back**

so im sitting down with sam and i kinda have crap all over me and its really bothering me..

"hey ryan" oh great here comes richie." why the hell you have to do that... IN MY FAVORITE JACKIT!!"

and with that me and the hole table started laughing!!

"sorry bro, i clean it and youll never know!"

"nope give it to me, now!"

"ahh, richie i cant do that" i look down and blush so hard my face is bright red!!

clare clears her throught and looks at richie." ryan doesnt wear shirts under her jackit..."

i see richie start to smile and then he starts laughing! what the heck!!

"okay, why are you laughing??" i ask richie.

"umm what idiot goes to school in a jackit, living in florida knowing its like 100 degrees outside.. oh wait its my stupid little sister!" and he starts laughing again!

"oh my god! shut up richie!!!... do you have a extra jackit here?"

"no dont you have a extra outfit?"

"umm clare is wearing it.." i smile im so prud i dont have to wear that!

"hahah okay when did you get 'girl' cloths?" and he is sitting down holding his tummy laughing so hard.. this is not cool.


god he was really starting to embrass me!

richie got up and left but before he left he looks at clare and smiles.. "hey ryan that was pretty bitchy but totally sick" and with that he smaks my back and walks away.. jerk.

lunch ended and sam walked me to my locker. 

"um, ryan i have a extra shirt in my locker do you want to barrow it i mean its clean.. er then that"

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