forever yours part 3

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**chapter 3**

 ahhh what happened last night...

 crap i remember... okay i gotta talk to bill today!


"shut up! im coming!!!" i got up grabed my sweats and a big hoody. you would think i would die from heat but really i get in the car and then go in to school.. i stay pretty cool all day.

i jump in logan's truck and we are off to school.. we get there in less then 10 mins. i jumped out at my spot and ran over to vinny...


"what the HELL!!" as he turned around and he looked like he was going to kill some one... all his friends where laughing at him.. tehehe this is called carma!! she is a bitchhhhhh.... (:

  "chill vinny you sooo disurved that!"

"no i didnt you know your happy that i let the little secret out."

"no not really.. okay yeah kinda but you could have asked before hand so i knew why everyone was pointing and laughing at me!!" at this point i was kinda pissed i mean come on he was really starting to get on my last nurve.. 

"hey ryan!! oh my gosh i saw the pictures i thought i was your best friend you never told me about this..." when clare gets mad she goes on and on...

"okay clare im sorry i know it wasnt right not to tell you but can you please stop! i dont wanna talk about it."

"fine but sooner or later you have to explain.. please?"

"haha okay i will" 

we start walking to home room as the bell started to ring we said are good byes to vinny and walked in to home room...


i walked in to the cafateria and stode in line to get my pizza and water. then i hear laughing and i turn around to clare crying with red suace driping down from her head... i drop my stuff and ran over to her and gave her a hug..

she looked up and smiled stupidly " are you okay?"

"do i look okay?"

"no but i have some stuff in my locker that will cheer you up!" 

" okay..."

"we walked out to find sam and all his buddies outside by the lockers.

they looked at us and started laughing.. well all of  they except for sam he actully looked sad for her...

"who did this to her?" he asks me.

"uhhh.." i look over at clare i totally forgot to ask her that!

clare looks at him " that stupid skank tori!! i swear she will die!"

" oh god im sorry i think i know why she did that.." i say looking down... 

both of them look at me like im holding the world on my left hand

" okay well i kinda told her she might want to watch her back cause we might be kicking her as off the track team... he he?"

"wow you would piss her off even more! god her boyfriend just dumped her and has been hitting on me!! what the hell where you thinking ryan!!" she says my name like i killed people for the hell of it and now my name is vemon in her mouth...

"im.m.m.m sorry." i whispered.

"its okay ryan i just wish you didnt say that, now its to late and we have to kick her ass off that team." she is smiling like she came up with the idea all on her own.. 

" alright well come on  i got some stuff in my locker for you to clean up.."

she looks at my out fit"well what about your outfit i ruined it!"

i just stand there laughing.."this is richies jackit i could care less what happens to it." i started walking to my locker.

"hey ryan come sit with us when you are done changing" sam says down the hall.. his friends hit him on the back and he just smacks them back and starts walking in to the lunch  room... then i hurd one of his friends say " bro your so whipped.. you like her dont you!!" and thats all i got and clare hurd it to!! 

" oh my gosh he likes you soooo much ryan!!"

"ah i dont want to talk about it... but yeah im going to jamica this weekend he got me a spot in the compation."

she starts jumping up and down which made me laugh even harder.... all  the sause just runs down her face and makes her laugh we stand there laughing like fools till a teacher walks by and asks us what we are doing...

" well im getting her stuff to clean up sorry.."

"okay well hurry up and get back to your classes."

"okay" we say together. which makes us laugh even harder. 

okay i turn around and open my locker. and grab a pair of cloths and some hair gel.."okay lets go to the bathroom." i lock up my locker and lead clare to the bath room. 

 i  get her into my very old button down white shirt.. she had on her favorite blue bra and a sport type thing so she unbottoned it a little. to the end of the bra. i fix up her hair after she rinces it in the sink.. i mouse up her hair in to i cool looking skrunch. then she pulls up the skirt that is yellow its weird how it matches her sport bra thing.. then she slides in to her white heels i fix up her make up so she looks natural but has the shodow kind of look. and off we are to the cafateria... mahahah tori gonna get a piece of my mind....


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