Forever Yours

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okay so this is my fist story(: i hope you like it!!!

*** chapter 1***


oh my god. please five more min. i need sleep and if he doesnt shut up now ill kill him!

oh sorry my name is ryan im a 15 year old girl. I have 5 older brothers. I have no parents.. My oldest brother is 23 and takes care of us.

Pretty much it goes like this...

There is

luke.. age 23. He took charge of all of us. likes to have control over everything.

nick.. or nicky.. age 20. sweet one talks alot even when not needed, he rides dirt bikes for a living.

then there's the twins... they're 18..joe and twist.. seniors in high school and are crazy good at swimming

richie... other wise none for the smartest kid in school.. and  the biggest. he is 17 oh and the biggest man hoe in school(:

Then there's me Ryan. I'm 15 and in 10th grade I don't really have anything special, no boy friend, never have and with all the brothers scaring them off I don't think I will. I have brown hair. blue eyes, I'm about 5 foot and I am very tan from being out in the sun all the time. I live in a ruin down house by the beach in california. I mean we arent poor but since both my parents have passed my brothers are saving all the money so all of us can stay and go to college. Luke and Nicky go to college and Joe and Twist are already on a free ride because they are swimmers. well soon Richie will too but for me i have nothing.. im not super smart or really athltic or anything crazy like that. so I think my brothers are just thinking that im going to need this money.

************************ back to know******************

So it's the first day of school and umm Im sooo not going not after last nights party at vinny's.

*** Vinny is my best friend he is 16 rich. Only child and has 3 cars. yeah his parents are around but his dad travels all over the world and his mom is a lawyer in new york. They are never home and I'm always hangout with him. He has a twin sister named Jamie but she lives in new york and goes to a all girls school thats pretty much as far as we went with that convo.****

 Okay so i jump out of bed! Rush to my closet grab a pair of gray sweats and Luke's hoody. I run out side to see Logan picking every one up.** Logan He is Richies best friend and probably the richest kid on the block.** So I jump in the car and he floors it. We get to school in silence. I jump out at the gate. I dont want to get attacked by all the sluts at school... yeah there should be a up to me living and growing up with all guys but really there isnt besides me knowing what goes threw their pea brains. I see vinny with his friends and then I see clare she is my bestfriend that is a girl. she walks over and gives me a big hug. we both start walking over to vinny and his group. we chat for a bit about the party. the bell rings and we all head for class.

home room was a drag.. the day slowly goes by. i have a killer head ache from all the acohol but by lunch I'm ready to pass out when logan walks up to me and gives me a very sneaky wink while my brother asks if I can get a ride home with a friend.. I agreed but was kinda weirded out about how logan was acting. He has never gave any intrust in me until today. weird... so I walk over to vinny and clare, when one of the most popular guy that is known for being the best surfer in his age divisin walks up to me!

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