The Sunset

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It was a warm sunny day. Fiona was sitting at the edge of the forest reading her favorite book- Pride and Prejudice. She was so engrossed in her reading that she didn't realise what time it was. The day was almost over. The sun was going down the horizon giving a tinge of yellow and red to the sky.

Suddenly, a voice came out of nowhere. The voice said - beautiful.'s beautiful. There it was again.

Fiona was shocked. She came here all the time. Ever since she was a child, she came to the edge of the forest. She sat there under a tree for hours, reading a book. Sometimes she just stared at the sky. It made her feel happy and at peace. It was like her spot away from the town and its busy life.

Often she wondered, about what lay inside the forest and beyond. But she never went further. She always stopped at the edge. It wasn't like she was scared but she just didn't think it was right. She felt as if it would ruin her spot if she crossed the edge. The feeling was so strong that she could never go in, in spite of all her curiosity about the forest.

But now she was scared. Who would come here? At her spot?

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" She turned around. It was a boy. He was standing inside the forest. At least she wasn't imagining it. Someone was really there!

He was pointing at the sky. Fiona felt bad. She didn't want anyone to find out. It was her spot.

"It is." She replied.

The boy looked at her and smiled. He had the colour of sunset in his eyes. They seemed as if they were shining.

"Sorry. I seem to have scared you. I apologize for surprising you like this." The boy looked as if he was really unsure about what to say. It must have been my expression, Fiona thought.

"Who are you?" Fiona snapped. She couldn't keep the anger out of her voice.

"I am Aaron. I am from Wiliamswood, the town across the forest."

"So you are not from my town?" Fiona felt relieved.

"Depends on whether you live in Williamswood or not!" Aaron smirked.

"No. I live in Goodswill." Fiona smiled.

"Have I done something wrong? You seem distressed since I came here."

"No. I am sorry. I just thought that you were from Goodswill, my town."

"And that is bad because?" Aaron asked.

Fiona ignored him. "So do you like sunsets?"

"Yes. Very Much. I used to come here all the time."

"No you didn't. You are lying."

"I am sorry?" Aaron looked puzzled.

"I come here almost every day. And I have never seen you before."

"That is because I used to come here years ago. With my uncle— .Anyway, you really come here every day?"

"Yes. Shit! It's getting dark. I should get back home." Fiona stood up and started packing her stuff. She had to run otherwise she will be in trouble.

She started running.

"But you didn't tell me your name."

"Later." Fiona didn't look back. And all Aaron could see was her long brown hair swaying on her blue dress. And soon she was out of sight.

"Later then." Aaron Sighed.

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