It Begins

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Fiona could not concentrate. She was at her spot, with her favorite book. But she could not get herself to read it. She even tried reading a different book. It didn't work. Nothing worked. How did that happen?

She sighed. This was new. This spot used to be her miracle place. How could she feel agitated here?

It's all Aaron's fault. She decided. She always knew her spot would lose its magic if someone else discovered it. And it turned out to be true in the end.

Maybe I just need to rest, she decided. She had to leave now.

She was packing her belongings when someone patted her  shoulder.  Oh Great! Fiona rolled her eyes

"What are you doing?" Aaron asked.

"Nothing. I was just leaving" Fiona stood up.

"But it's middle of the day. It's like three hours before sunset."

"I am just tired." Fiona snapped.

"Okay. Just stay for a while. I want to show you something." Aaron smiled at her.

"And why do you think I would go with a complete stranger like you?"

"Because you want to. Besides I am not a stranger. You know me." Aaron smirked.

"I don't. I met you yesterday and we talked for like fifteen minutes. That doesn't make me know you."

"Okay, but you will know me once you come with me. Come on..."

"No." Fiona started to leave.

"Not again! At least tell me your name this time." Aaron shouted.

"Fiona. It's Fiona." She shouted back.

"Later then, Fiona." Aaron smiled.

Fiona was standing outside her house. She took a deep breath and got in. Her sister Kathy was doing her homework. As soon as she saw Fiona, her eyes widened.

"Mom, look who is here!" She was shouting at the top of her voice.

Fiona's Mom came out of the kitchen and rushed to her. She place her hand on Fiona's forehead as if to check if she had a fever.

"Fiona, what are you doing here? Are you alright" She was confused as Fiona never came home this early once she went to her spot.

"I am fine, Mom. " Fiona rolled her eyes. "I have got some homework to do for my science project. Had to come early."

"Oh! Okay." She looked genuinely relieved.

"So I am going to my room now. See you guys at dinner." And with that,  Fiona stormed into her room.


At night, Fiona couldn't sleep. She was thinking about Aaron. She wondered what Aaron wanted to show her. She realized that she really wanted to go with him. That was strange considering the fact that she didn't even know him.

Tomorrow maybe, she thought. And she drifted into a deep sleep.

Fiona woke up feeling weird. She wanted to get back to her spot as soon as possible. She got ready for school. She had to wait until the school was over. She sighed.

At school it seemed as if time had stopped. Every minute seemed like an hour. She wanted it to get over. Soon, the bell was ringing. Fiona stood up and ran. She couldn't wait. She stopped but only after reaching at the edge of the forest.  At her spot.

Aaron wasn't there. She sat down under a tree. She took out a book and started reading it.  At least she could pretend to read it.

Hours passed but Aaron didn't come. She was feeling really bad but then she was the one to blow him off. Disappointed, she decided to leave.

Someone patted her shoulder.

"Hello Fiona!" Sure it was Aaron. Obviously, he would come when it was time for her to go.

"Hello you!" Fiona smiled.

"You are in good mood today. Did sun rise from the west?" He smiled back.

"Shut up! You were going to show something to me, weren't you?"

"Ah yes! But I am afraid I am a stranger. You can't go with a stranger." He smirked.

"I have known you for two days and that's enough for me. Now come on, I can't stay for long. It's getting dark."

"Okay. Come with me then." He pointed in direction of forest.

"What...into the forest?" Fiona gasped.

"Are you scared? It's safe. Trust me, I cross it everyday. " Aaron assured her.

"No.I am just scared to cross the edge", she said.

"What are you scared of? I told you, the forest is safe" he replied

"The forest doesn't scare me. The edge does" she sighed. It was true. Fiona was not scared of the forest. She was just scared of crossing the edge. It was like a limit for her. She didn't want to push her limits. She feared the outcome.

"Well then, don't be scared. Come on." He took her hand and they went inside.

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