Annoying Wattpad Updates

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Okay, I cannot stand the new profile layout, it is confusing, and they took away so much, like the dedications, the status bar, the whole message board. Oh. My. God. And the profile now is just a stalking tool. It lists every single thing that person did, instead of just featuring recent votes and comments. You cna barely see the bio, and the works are crammed together. I couldn't find the follow button, and they don't even show recent followers anymore. And I hate how the background is like huge and unclear, no matter what picture you choose, it's unclear. Okay, I'm not saying every single person hates it, but more than half of wattpad do. According to the feedbacks forum, people do give wattpad reasons why they should bring the old profile back, but they just IGNORE us, they continue to make wattpad ugly, and I don't think they even care about negative feedback. Why are thye even doing this to their own website? :P They say that they won't change it back because they worked "so" hard on it. When all my friends started having their profile look changed, I ignored all the "Change now" buttons but eventually, it just changed automatically for me. So annoying. XP

Another thing is the new works page. Made to be overdetailed and ugly and to match the new profile. I hate the new works page so much. it changes automatically, and I miss the old works page so much. :((( 

Finally, the newest change was the huge orange top bar, I don't even understand why they even wasted days of their life to create that. The top bar is so annoying, I just really wish that they change everything back soon. :( Even if it's unlikely. XP


Hope you liked my first rant, Awesomies. :))) Please vote and comment if you agree with me. :) And if you seriously don't agree with me, comment below anyways. XD THANK YOU! XD

~ @ilovefingerprints ;) <3 

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