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“There she is, my beautiful daughter Mia” My dad coos

I look around and everyone is wearing a fancy outfit, well except for Ross who is wearing a blue T-shirt and black skinny jeans.

My mom did a good job fixing up the living room. It looks all fancy and elegant which my mom was.  Mrs. Ross and my mom went to the kitchen to get the food while everyone else took their seats. It wasn’t obvious that Ross and I had to sit next to each other. His older brothers were sitting next to his older sister. His little brother Ryland was sitting with his father.

“You have a big family.”

“It’s not that big, but it’s good you never get lonely.”

“I wouldn’t know I never had any siblings”

“Don’t you get lonely?”

“Yeah but it’s okay, My mom is a stay at home mom and my friends from school come over all the time, so I’m never really lonely.”

“Well, I get what you mean, but after the marriage you will have a sister and a couple of brothers.”

I smile.  That was a good thought to have in mind. I never had any siblings, well I might have a sibling whenever I mention have another sibling mom and dad get all secretive and they let me out.



“You zoned out, what were you thinking about?”

“I was thinking that I’m hungry, I’m bored, and well this dress is too tight”
I whine

“Well our moms are getting the food ready, I’m here so you shouldn’t be bored, and for the dress, let me have some fun with it after dinner.” He whispers the last part

Damn I have to really monitor what I say in front of him.

“Ross what did you say to Mia her face is all red.” The older looking version of him said.

His other brother wolf whistles Ross leaves me to go talk to them.

“Hi I’m Rydel, I’m Ross’s only sister.”

“Only girl, over 4 guys, how do you do it.”

“Years and years of training I had to stick together with my mom, it helped.”

I start laughing. People say my laugh is contagious because Rydel started laughing too as well as my dad.

“Why is everyone laughing” Ryland ask.

That just makes me and Rydel laugh even harder

“I wanna laugh too.” Ross whines.

“Then laugh.”

“Ohhhhh.” Rydel says.

“Very funny.” Ross says taking his seat next to me


Our moms come moments later with the food. Did I ever mention that I love my mom’s cooking. It’s the best in the whole world.

“Ross, Mia, I have a present for you.” Ross‘s Dad says

“Dad the last present you got me was Mia what next a child.” Ross says

I start chocking on my food and Ross starts rubbing my back.


He nods and his attention goes back to his father.

“No, I got you this.”

His dad hands him the keys to a new camero.

“You kidding me, you got me a camero.” Ross said overly excited

“Yup, we all pitched in to buy it, it’s for you and Mia.”

“What’s that key?” I ask

There is an extra key attached to the chain

“Oh that’s the key to your new house.”

“What?” Me and Ross said simultaneously

“Well since your married you should be living together, what good would it do if you lived far away from each other.” My dad explains


The rest of dinner went on with the parents talking about their friendship and their future.

Me and Ross just sat there not speaking, barely eating my food.

“Ross, I want you to stay the night, to get use to being with Mia.”His mom says

They all leave around 10pm.

“Well I’m beat so I’m going to sleep come on love.” My parents go to their room and leave Ross and I alone.

We finaly looked at each other. Faces blushing mad from the conversation earlier.

“Let’s go to sleep.” He nods and we go to my room

“You don’t have any sexy sleepwear. You know” Ross says going through my closet.

“Well I’m sorry I’m only 15, I’m not ready for this kind of stuff.”

“Well you should be if you’re going to be my wife. Here take my shirt.”

He takes off his shirt, and well he has a nice body. I mean he actually has abs, not the fake ones famous people get for movies and stuff.       

I don’t know what came over me but the moment he took off his shirt I just had to feel his abs. He seemed to have liked that I’m fawning over him.

“Let’s make this more intense” he whispers

He spins me around and wraps his arms around my waist. I could feel his breath on my neck. I heard a zipper sound and my dress slowly falls to the ground.

He pushes me against the wall and lays his head on my chest

“You look sexier like this.”

“Ross, just give me your shirt.”

He gives me his shirt and I put it on and get into bed. He gets into the bed and wraps his arms around me.    The warmth of his body tangles with my body and causes me to go into a deep sleep.   

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