*First* Sleepover

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Chenles loud dolphin laugh echoed through the whole house as he ran around in circles not being able to sit still.

As he ran by Renjun the fifth time, he "accidentally" fell and knock down the little wall of pillows the older had made.

"CHENLE! You idiot! I used long time on that and it was so perfect" the older pouted.

The younger just mumbled a quick sorry before standing up and running around, again.

After a while of running Chenle still wasn't tired, but at least sat down beside Jaemin and sneakily stole a piece of the candy Jaemin had taken with him.

"YaH! Hands of!" Jaemin said, as he was very possessive when it came to candy, or just overall food, he loved it with his whole heart, which mostly meant no sharing.

Jeno looked at his friends being chaotic, making the smile on his lips grow.

Jaemin, who was laying beside him in the bed, glared at Chenle who was about to take one more piece of candy. Renjun was building his fort up, again, an annoyed look on his face. Jisung, who was beside Renjun, was probably already asleep. While Donghyuck was working on getting the movie started and up on the big TV screen, with Mark beside him trying his best to confront Donghyuck with the fact that he should give up and let him do it.

"Hyuckie-" "no, I can do it" Mark sighed "But you have already tried in 15 minutes"

Jeno admired the relationship the little group had, which was build over the many years of knowing each other. They just couldn't be separated.

Actually they always had sleepovers like this, in fact they did everything together; from homework to nearly burning the house down, or correction, Jisung and Mark nearly burning the house down because of Donghyuck.

Yeah... let's just say Jisung and Marks lack of cooking skills plus Donghyucks wild flexing isn't really a good combination.

Jenos thoughts was interrupted by his TV screen suddenly brightening his room up.

He looked down to congratulate Donghyuck on getting it to work, but instead of Donghyuck Mark was sitting by the computer with Donghyuck behind him mouth agape.

"Wha... What? How did you do that!?" Mark just shrugged "I just, did it, don't know how" "that's unfair" Donghyuck pouted and crossed his arms as he walked over to his mattress.

The room got quiet after Mark started the movie, and Mark and Chenle went to their mattresses.

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