Emile's Pov
I saw a girl who seemed like she was about to burst from happiness. She had on a pikmin Shirt and a RunAwayGuys Beanie.

"Hello and welcome to Hareviews Adoption Center! What kind of child are you looking for today?" A lady who seemed to be in her late 40's told me.
"Hi, and I'm looking for a girl who likes video games and fine with recording videos with me." I said Plainly as I kept staring at the girl. We were having a staring contest... I think.
I lost because of my vision and she laughed. I just smiled. I like this girl! She's perfect!
" Can I have the girl with the beanie?" I asked pointing at her.

"Her? You want Lindsey? No you don't she's always watching this freak who makes videos for a life and screams when he caught this thing in a ball shaped thing. Se should also be in a dress not that thing!" The lady said bring tears to Lindsey's eyes. Her Navy blue eyes.
"Yes I want Lindsey and she's perfect the way she is. She would be perfect for me if she watches my videos everyday. So where are your papers at before I burst like a bubble!" I told the lady with anger in my voice.
She flinched and ran to get the papers. I looked over at Lindsey and just smiled and winked at her. That made her laugh and made me smile more .
"Alright mr....."
"Chuggaaconroy but I go by Emile" I told her hoping Lindsey would realize for sure who I am. She did because she got a bigger smiled
"Alright girls, except for Lindsey you need to do your chores." The lady said while Lindsey went to go pack.
---------- After Paperwork cause that's dumb--------------
Lindsey is now my daughter!!!

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