dalawampu't dalawa

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the dimming of the sky to pitch black brought a slight breeze with it, a brief gust of wind strong enough to cause people to shiver. the darkness of sky made the colourful LED lights glow like stars in their places.

wonwoo felt like he was re-living his childhood again, well, it wasn't like he had an enjoyable childhood in the first place. but standing infront of game stands and playing to win prizes, he was filling the part of his childhood that he missed.

and being with mingyu made it much more enjoyable. although he hid behind a delinquent demeanour, he was actually quite competitive and knew how to have a fun time without doing anything illegal.

it warmed wonwoo's heart whenever he saw mingyu smiling. a real smile. not one of his smirks or scowls he would throw at anyone who pissed him off, it was a real smile that came from the heart.

and it made wonwoo smile too. it was nice to see a different side to mingyu. maybe the real mingyu, one that was locked away inside and was hidden from the world, was finally showing again. maybe mingyu was slowly getting better.

for mingyu, the had this feeling, burning in his stomach, an it was strange, it was a foreign emotion he hasn't felt in while. especially around wonwoo, his heart's pulse quickened, his stomach filled with a weird feeling. and in his mind, it was confusing. he didn't know what his heart and head was doing to him, but whenever he looked or was around wonwoo, it's almost as if his vision of the world became so much brighter. it was like something out an anime, a light pink aura circulated around the elder. whenever he looked at wonwoo in the eye, it was as if he could see the whole galaxy in the pools of his eyes.

and it freaked mingyu the hell out. why was he being like this? why was he seeing what he was seeing towards wonwoo? why was he feeling this way whenever he was around wonwoo? mingyu didn't understand.

but he didn't let his confusing thoguhts ruin his fun at the fair. when they walked past a few of the game stands, mingyu noticed that wonwoo eyeing a certain calico cat plushie, the size of the cotton candy they still hadn't finished. mingyu munched on the cotton candy, walking to wonwoo's side who was staring at the big stuffed animal.

the stand was a simple basketball game, and the man running the stand said they have to beat a certain score in a certain amout of time to earn a prize, depending on how big of prize the person wanted to win. the plushie wonwoo had in mind was one of the biggest prizes the man had out on display, meaning they would have to earn 200 points in less than two minutes.

wonwoo wasn't the best at sports, so he would suck at this basketball game. in his mind, he already let the idea of winning the calico cat go, but what surprised him was when mingyu suddenly gave him the cotton candy, and went up to the counter, exchanging money to play ad removed his jacket that would restrain him. wonwoo assumed that mingyu wanted something from the game, so he watched mingyu play.

and boy, was he impressed. wonwoo watched in shock as mingyu continuously made every shot into the hoop. of course, there were a few shots that didn't make it in, mostly towards the end when mingyu started becoming tired, but other than that, he still did a good job of playing.

mingyu manged to exceed the 200 point score he aimed to beat. he put his jacket back on, the man behind the game congratulating and asking which prize he would like to take. without hesitation, mingyu pointed to the calico cat plushie that wonwoo wanted, saying a small thank you when he received it.

a small feeling of disappoint formed in wonwoo, really wanting the plushie that mingyu had just won. and if mingyu were to know he really wanted it, wonwoo assumed that mingyu would make fun of him and boast about how he won it.

but that isn't what mingyu did at all. instead, he walked towards wonwoo who stood behind him with the cotton candy, a small smile on his face as he fiddled with his phone. unexpectedly, mingyu took the candy back and gave wonwoo the calico stuffed animal and ate a piece of the candy.

when wonwoo felt the fluffiness of the toy in his arms, a wide smile was plastered on his face and he hugged the cat plush. he stopped acting like a giddy kid when he realised mingyu was staring at him, his signature smirk formed with his lips. he held the plush normally again, slightly embarrassed that mingyu had to see him act like that.

mingyu turned around and started walking away, wonwoo following close behind, still happy about the calico plush. but how did mingyu know that he wanted it so badly?

"you know," mingyu started, diverting wonwoo's attention away from the cat plush. "you shouldn't always have to be afraid of people seeing you act like your normal self. you know, instead of your strict and student president self."

"what do you mean?" wonwoo asked, now walking by mingyu's side. mingyu stopped and turned to look at wonwoo, leaning down to look wonwoo in the eyes. wonwoo was taken aback by the sudden close distance between them, his cheeks becoming heated.

"your smile. it's cute. you should wear it more often." mingu gave a small smirk before pulling away and started walking again. wonwoo was left there flustered and speechless by mingyu's words, his eyes wide and cheeks becoming a rosy shade of pink.

even as he walked away, mingyu's cheeks became rosy too.

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