dalawampu't isa

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they arrived at the fair in about ten minutes due to the fast speed mingyu drove at, which wonwoo still hadn't gotten used to. but the warmth between his and mingyu's bodies, racing past the lit up streets and cars next to them, watching as they neared to the fair, managed to make him feel at ease until they stopped.

when they parked, wonwoo could already see parents with their children running in, couples on the ferris wheel high above the ground, staff welcoming the guests into the fair. the fair was illuminated with coloured lights, flashing titles and you could hear the screams of guests on the rides, the sun setting behind the horizon.

once mingyu turned off the engine, he turned to wonwoo who's face was in utter awe. wonwoo's eyes were sparkling like an animated character, his lips forming the brightest smile mingyu has ever seen. he walked to wonwoo's side, grabbing his wrist and pulling him with him to the entrance. "let's not just stand here, let's go have fun!"

wonwoo was surprised by the sudden contact and being pulled, but another smile formed, "yeah!"

they entered through the archway with flashing coloured lights and mingyu presented their tickets, walking into the walkway full of game stands with people crowded around each stand, wanting to win a prize. the two stood in the sea of people, mingyu on his phone to text the others that they arrived at the fair.

"minghao and seokmin are coming in a few minutes, maybe we should go ahead and try some of the rides and games." mingyu said, bringing his eyes away from his phone screen and looking at wonwoo, who was looking at a text on his phone. "yeah, my friends are gonna be a while."

they walked further into the fair, admiring the game stands and watching as balloons float in front of them. "so what do you want to do first?" mingyu asked.

wonwoo hummed. "i'm not sure. i've never visited a fair, so i don't know what we should do-"

"you've never been to a fair?!" mingyu exclaimed, looking at wonwoo with a surprised look on his face. wonwoo shook his head shyly. "you've been living under a rock for your whole life! fairs are one of the best things ever!"

"i mean," wonwoo started, looking around at the surroundings. "it does look like a lot of fun, but i don't understand the big hype about it." he shrugged, and at wonwoo's response, mingyu chuckled.

"are you serious? how can a fair not be fun? you're parents really must've restricted you a lot to the point where you think a fair isn't fun. i swear you don't know how to have fun at all." mingyu said.

"hey! i do know how to have fun!"

"reading books and studying is not fun, wonwoo." mingyu instantly took wonwoo's hand in his, wonwoo freezing up at the sudden contact. "come on, i'm going to show you how to have fun."

wonwoo didn't even get to respond before mingyu started to pull him again, towards different stands that either provided a variety of carnival food or a game to win prizes.

the first stand they visited was a cotton candy stand. whilst mingyu was buying the sweet, wonwoo was watching the people on the rides, such as a small rollercoaster, but was at a high enough height for the guests to scream their lungs out. it looked fun in wonwoo's eyes, but his stomach and his nerves wasn't saying the same thing.

"here you go." wonwoo heard mingyu say, he turned around to look at mingyu, only to have his line of sight covered by a pink and blue sweet cloud. mingyu handed him the extra big size of cotton candy, laughing as wonwoo's upper body was covered by the fluffy sweet.

"mingyu! why did you get one so big? you know i can't fit this inside my stomach." wonwoo whined at mingyu who was chuckling to himself. mingyu took a piece from the top of the cotton candy swirl, looking at wonwoo from the side.

"who said it was all for you?" he asked the elder, to which wonwoo only rolled his eyes at.

"we're seriously going to get diabetes from this, and it's all going to be your fault."

"we'll see." the two laughed and continued to walk around the fair until their friends arrived.

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