348. "Borrows" a friend's baby, and pretends it's their own to get attention

349. Pretends they're pregnant to receive time off of work

350. Only drinks/ eats purple foods. (eggplant, Skittles, grapes, etc.)

351. Extremely shy, but they believe they will become an actor/actress

352. Child activist

353. Tells everyone they have killed a man with their thumb

354. Regularly bathes in milk and vinegar

355. Believes in magic

356. Believes they're a mermaid/merman

357. Waiting for their acceptance letter from Hogwarts. They're not 11. They're 40. 

358. Can't walk in high heels

359. Constantly makes animal noises

360. An adult who must be entertained like a child

361. Must always sleep with the lights on

362. An adult who still uses a nightlight

363. Refuses to leave the house

364. Sleeps with their favorite stuffed animal from when they were children

365. A grown man who plays with dolls

366. Smells strangers' hair

367. A die hard fan of Kim Kardashian

368. Only sees the worst in people

369. Optimist

370. Pessimist

371. Afraid of feet

372. Food allergy 

373. Laughs at things that aren't considered funny

374. Never uses proper punctuation

375. Types in all CAPS 

376. Know it all

377. Lives in a  large, metropolitan city, uses a horse as transportation

378. A die hard fan of Grumpy Cat

379. Has bad acne

380. Can't count to 100

390. Falls constantly

391. Constantly injured, even if it's a paper cut

392. Never washes their sheets

393. Hasn't read a book in over 10 years

394. Couch potato

395. Always grumpy, and/or complaining about something

396. Keeps a collection of spoons

397. Abnormally tall or short

398. Eats butter straight from the stick

399. Successfully picks up men/women with corny pickup lines.

400. Can tie a cherry stem with their tongue

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