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**We've all had writer's block before. It's one of the most frustrating things ever, and we can all agree on that, right?! I wrote this a few years ago, and I never thought I would be able to help so many people. Thank you all SO much for the awesome feedback and support you've given. Lastly, thank you for helping me get this list ranked to #2 in this genre! I am planning on coming up with new quirks, organized into different categories, so please keep an eye out. 

Thanks again, 

-Slightly <3 

1. Wears too much jewelry

2. He/she is always seen chewing gum

3. He/she is always carrying a book, or multiple

4 Never seen with their hair tied up 

5. Sneezes when nervous, anxious, etc.

6. Unhealthy obsession with a certain food 

7. Serious grammar/ spelling/ punctuation Nazi

8. Good with computers, technology, etc. 

9. Always wears a cartoon character shirt (SpongeBob, Hello Kitty, etc.)

10. Twitches when nervous

11. Snorts when laughing

12. Paces back and forth when thinking, nervous, etc.

13. Able to hack computers/electronic devices

14. Uses large words that not many people have heard of/ understand

15. Uses acronyms for everything and anything they can

16. Unhealthy collection of stuffed animals

17. Obsessed with cleaning/ personal hygiene

18. Germophobe

19. Mumbles things to themself constantly (A song, a poem, a conversation, etc.)

20. Gets annoyed easily (Snaps at anytime, yells a lot, etc.)

21. Constantly on social media (Facebook, Tumblr, etc.)

22. Wears glasses but doesn't need them

23. Never sleeps (insomniac)

24. Afraid to eat in front of others

25. Fear of a silly object (plants, water, straws)

26. Fear of bugs/insects

27. Fear of animals/ people

28. Can calculate math in their head, but can't count on fingers

29. Has a watch, but carries it in their pocket instead of on their wrist

30. Has a noticeable scar on a part of their body (forearm, face, etc.)

31. Is constantly seen drawing, reading, and/or writing

32. Always carries a notebook with them

33. Is terribly shy

34. Hears voices/ sounds

35. Hallucinates

36. Terrible liar

37. Feels needy or too dependent to loved ones/ friends 

38. Always know what direction they are walking in

39. Can recite lines from movies or books

40. Has the entire Bible memorized

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