250. Believes they can fix anything with tape

251. Convinced they are a celebrity

252. Nails/toenails are disgustingly long

253. Ladies' man

254. Obsessed with other people's hair

255. Belongs to an obscure subculture

256. Attends raves/ dance parties

257. Knows the Thriller dance from beginning to end

258. Pretends they are a zombie on occasion

259. Learns dances from music videos

260. Obsessed with twerking

261. Uses acronyms during conversations (LOL, OMG, ROFL, etc.)

262. Finds out peoples' peeves, and does them 

263. Becomes friends with others for their things (if they have a nice car, nice house, rich, etc.)

264. Is always asking others for money or food

265. Avoids paying taxes

266. Can't pronounce certain words 

267. Short tempered

268. Makes everyday things fun for themselves and for others

269. Walks into stores and always buys something- even if it's something they don't want or need

270. Always has to have the best everything (clothes, electronics, food, etc.)

271. Hires a babysitter because they're lonely. They don't have kids

272. Hires services to come to the house, even when not necessary (plumber, maid, etc.)

273. History of heavy drug/ alcohol usage

274. Never ties their shoes

275. Doesn't wear shoes/ socks

276. Speaks in a monotone voice

277. Speaks the same regardless if they're angry, upset, happy, etc.

278. Doesn't like surprises or gifts

279. Refuses to celebrate their birthday or any holiday

280. Born in a leap year

281. Shuffles their feet

282. Slow walker

283. Uses wheelchair, cane, walker, etc.

284. Goes grocery shopping everyday

285. Takes deceased husband, wife, friend, etc. to their favorite restaurant on a "date"

286. Always dresses formally

287. Walks around naked at home

288. Never shaves any part of their body

289. Never showers

290. Eats the same meals at the same time, everyday

291. Always wants thing ran "their way"

292. Overthinks situations

293. Gets a hair cut everyday

294. Compares themselves to celebrities, even though they aren't similar one bit

295. Treats people terribly, expects to be treated very nicely

296. Impatient

297. Rocks on heels every time they stand

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