41. Can recite Bible verses with no problem

42. Can read two pages of a book at once

43. Photographic memory

44. Instrument prodigy 

45. Afraid of fire

46. Fear of heights

47. Can't swim

48. Ambidextrous (can write, draw, paint, etc. with both hands)

49. Always hot

50. Always cold

51. Keeps invisible pets

52. Grown adult, still has imaginary friends

53. Always seen listening to music

54. Cocky, arrogant attitude

55. Obsessive gamer

56. Has to do everything twice

57. Paranoid about anything and everything

58. Talks to plants

59. Talks to animals

60. Always seen drinking tea, lemonade, etc. 

61. Has a terrible cough, even though they're not sick

62. Prefers to skip, rather than walk normally

63. Can't drive, takes public transportation

64. Destroys/ breaks everything they come in contact with 

65. Types with one finger

66. Can't stand even/ odd numbers

67. Obsession with symmetry 

68. Terrible/ good at math

69. School dropout

70. Afraid of a certain shape

71. Always positive/ negative

72. Speaks with a high pitched voice when nervous, scared, etc.

73. Fidgets out of habit

74. Sniffs, even when not sick

75. Snores when sleeping

76. Addicted to a food

77. Addicted to a TV show

78. Can't let go of a deceased friend, pet, family member, etc.

79. Falls asleep easy

80. Narcoleptic (falling asleep at any random time)

81. Handwriting is very small/ large

82. Grown adult, likes to play with toys

83. Do-gooder

84. Overachiever

85. Underachiever

86. Always drunk/high

87. Wears a different wig everyday

88. Wears a bow, headband, hair clip, etc. in hair everyday

89. Wears a different hairstyle everyday

90. Outfit repeater

91. Can only speak in quotes from Regina George from Mean Girls

92. Wears pink on every Wednesday

93. Pretends they are in Les Miserables

94. Cosplays constantly, even out in public

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