2. In The Parlour

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Namjoon linked his hands with Taehyung and guided him towards the parlour carefully.

"Excuse me?" he cleared his throat, trying to get the attention of a really handsome man, who was standing behind the desk with a magazine in his hands.

The man looked up from his book and began drooling over the tall man standing in front of him internally. 

"S-Sorry, the artist hasn't arrived yet. I'm afraid you will have to wait till he comes. Please sit down on that bench over there, I will try calling him" he said, gesturing to the bench opposite to the desk. 

Namjoon took Taehyung to the bench and sat down with him, without letting go of his hand. He began to describe the surroundings to Taehyung, who could see nothing but a big mass of blur.

"Come on, Jungkook, lift the damn phone!" the man behind the desk mumbled. 'A hot man is here and I don't wanna keep him waiting!!' he thought desperately. 

"What's taking him so long?" he thought out loud, staring at his phone. "I'm so sorry, he isn't usually late to the parlour. He must be stuck in the traffic. I'm really sorry" he said with an apologetic smile. "Oh, it's okay, we aren't busy. We can wait" Namjoon said. 

"Would you like to have something?" the man asked. Taehyung turned towards Namjoon and whispered something into his ear. "I don't know why he is being so late today! I am Kim Seokjin, by the way. You can call me Jin, if you want" the man said.

"Oh, my name is Kim Namjoon, and this is my younger brother, Kim Taehyung. And it's really okay, don't worry. But....umm...can you give us some water, please?" Namjoon asked, flashing his hot dimples.

"S-Sure" Seokjin stuttered, hurrying to get water for the hot guy. 

"Here" Seokjin returned with two glasses of water and a packet of biscuits. Namjoon placed a glass of water into Taehyung's hand.

"So which one of you is going to get a tattoo?" Seokjin asked, trying to fill the silence. "Me-" Namjoon started, but Taehyung cut him off. "Both" he said, startling both of them. 

Seokjin was shocked by how sexy-deep the blind but cute man's voice sounded. Namjoon was shocked by the fact that Taehyung did decide to get a tattoo.

"So what are you gonna get?" Seokjin asked, snapping himself out of the daze. "I'm still thinking" the younger said. "What about you?" he asked Namjoon, who looked down sheepishly.

"I didn't think of anything either. I am just planning to let the artist to do whatever he wants with my left hand" he said.

"Oh, that's cool. We could exchan-" Seokjin started, trying to get the hot guy's number. But the parlour door opened, revealing a young guy with a deep frown and colourful tattoos littered all over his body, covering every inch of it except his face. 

"Took you long enough, Kooks" Seokjin said, glancing at the door. The young man named 'Kooks' simply threw a 'so-what-if-I-am-late?' look at Jin and walked into his room.

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