labing pito

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wonwoo had finished yelling at mingyu for tricking him earlier (and making him flustered) a few minutes ago, when from distance he saw flashing red and blue lights and a police officer stepping out of the car. shit, the police are here. wonwoo didn't even have time to listen to what the officer was telling him as he already ran to find mingyu. mingyu was by the wall wonwoo had painted on, adding his own art to it but stopped when wonwoo came around the corner, out of breath as if he had just ran a marathon. "wonwoo? what's wrong?"

"mingyu the- the... police are-" wonwoo didn't even get to finish his sentence as mingyu immediately grabbed wonwoo by the arm, running straight towards mingyu's motorcycle, leaving their mess in the park as they rapidly drove away.

wonwoo was holding on to dear life as mingyu was going too fast for it to be safe. although he was scared, the thrill of being chased and the wind blowing through his hair excited him. mingyu looked behind him to see the flashing lights and the familiar sounds of the siren ringing, which only made mingyu drive faster.

and to be honest, mingyu riding a motorcycle, wind brushing through his hair with a sinister smirk on his face, only made wonwoo think that mingyu was attractive.

the motorcycle swerved through every space and corner they could fit into, three police cars hot on their tail.

just like before, when there were too many cars for the police to keep track of them, mingyu skidded into an unknown alleyway, both boys panting out of breath from the intense chase. once they saw the police cars past by, they let out a sigh of relief. mingyu turned to look at wonwoo who was frozen in place, never experiencing something like that in his life. "you okay?" mingyu asked.

"okay? OKAY?! do i look okay to you?!" wonwoo lashed out, harshly pushing mingyu from behind.

"come on, that was fun." mingyu said happily, treating the situation like it wasn't as serious as it was. wonwoo had a shocked look on his face, not believing beig chased by the police is mingyu's idea of fun.

"fun?! you call THAT fun?! mingyu, we almost got arrested!"

"keyword 'almost'. meaning we didn't." mingyu said, emphasising the word he picked out of wonwoo's sentence.

"but we could've been caught!"

"but we didn't."

"ugh!" wonwoo yelled out of frustration. "you're so stubborn!" mingyu giggled to himself, which only made wonwoo even more annoyed. "why do you find this funny? i get that you like being 'on the edge' but i don't! i don't want to be stuck in a jail cell just because you told me to try out graffitiing."

"geez... sorry." mingyu scoffed, turning off the engine to his motorcycle. "but didn't you enjoy it?"

"enjoy what?"

"the feeling of being chased. it's exciting don't you think?" mingyu asked, waiting to see wonwoo's reaction.

"why would i enjoy getting chased? getting chased by anything is terrifying thought." wonwoo shivered at the thought of being chased by some horrifying monster, something you'd see straight out of a horror movie.

"what i mean is, it's exciting getting chased by something but being able to escape it in the end. you have a massive adrenaline rush and the thrill of being chased is just exciting." mingyu opened another lollipop, offering one to wonwoo to which he declined.

"i guess so... but it's still a 50/50 chance of getting caught." he looked at mingyu who was spray painting small doodles onto the wall in front of him. "how do you stay so calm when you're escaping? do you like... plan out an escape route before hand or something like that?"

mingyu stops painting the wall and looks at wonwoo, shaking his head. "nope, nothing like that at all. i just ride my motorcycle and do whatever i feel like doing." he chuckles and goes back to painting on the wall.


"yup. i just go with the thrill of the moment. do you think i'm some sort of genius?" mingyu asks.

"now that i think about: no." wonwoo snickers as mingyu looks offended.

"rude!" mingyu yelled.

"you asked me the question!"

"i didn't expect you to answer it!" they both erupted into laughter, drowning out the sounds of the busy city at work at this time of the day.

they stayed silent for a brief second before mingyu asked, "me and my friends are going to check out this carnival that travelling around the country on saturday. do you and your friends want to join us?"

wonwoo was surprised by mingyu's question, not expecting the younger to  ever ask him to hang out with him outside of school or hang out with his friends. "i mean... why not? i'll ask my friends but i don't think one of them is very fond of you."

mingyu shrugged. "it's okay, we could separate into groups if they don't like me that much."

"it's settled then." wonwoo smiled.

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