Chapter 2

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Hinata Hyuga was not stupid.

So when she came home to find Sasuke Uchiha in her house, talking to her father privately, she knew something was wrong.

Neji was also there, strangely. Hinata was anxious. She was pacing in the garden, waiting for their private meeting to be over so she could ask what the hell was Uchiha Sasuke doing in the Hyuga compounds?

"Lady Hinata, you must calm down. It is merely clan business." Ko, her care taker since she was a child, advised her.

"I just-It's unusual." She stumbled for words to express what she thought. She did not stutter anymore. No. she'd outgrown that phase along with the shyness.

She'd expressed her feelings to Naruto and she'd been understanding when he'd told her he could only be friends. She was okay with the fact that he was engaged to Sakura Haruno, her close friend now.

Since the war, everyone wanted to rebuild. Together. That's why people did not hesitate to celebrate small things and small mercies either.

The war had been cruel. But that was 3 years ago. Hinata was a 19 year old now, strong and ready to take over her clan as head.

She'd become Jonin and then ANBU along with a few of her old classmates. Naruto was training to become Hokage under Kakashi's wing. Sakura was the head of the Konoha Hospital. Ino had decided to become a Jounin teacher along with managing her flower shop.

And Sasuke...he'd left Konoha for a journey as atonement of his sins. He'd come back a few months ago after 3 years. Hinata had been one to welcome him back along with his friends as she felt bad because everyone was wary of him.

He'd flashed her a look of intrigue before resuming his mask of cold indifference. She sighed. She'd drive herself crazy, over thinking this.

She decided to shower and change to calm herself. She showered and changed into comfortable clothing before deciding to read the mission report for her previous mission before presenting it to the Hokage today.

She knew it would be dinner time soon so she walked downstairs, clad in her T-shirt and yoga pants. As she reached the lower floor, she almost bumped into Uchiha Sasuke. She stopped herself just in time.

She looked up at his face which was weary but showed no hint of any emotion. Hinata just stared at him for a moment. "Uh-I'm sorry." She told him softly.

He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply before walking off, not gracing her with a response. What the-?

She saw Neji, white as chalk come out of her father's study. "Neji nii? What's wrong?" she asked him carefully.

He looked at her and almost freaked out. "Nothing." He breathed out heavily "Nothing at all. Please excuse me."

He walked off. She wondered was wrong with him. Her father did not come out of the study at all. Hinata shrugged it off, determined to ask why Sasuke was here later.

For now, she had dinner to eat since she hadn't eaten anything all day.

Hinata had just returned from presenting the Hokage her mission report. The Hokage had praised her good work.

She was still smiling from that, relishing the praise. She'd been happy with her performance on the mission. Her mind tracked back to when she was a young Genin. She'd been weak.

She remembered her father's mission before most of her missions.

Try not to be a burden for anyone else.

That was always great encouragement, she thought bitterly. It was no use thinking back on that now. Once she was clan leader, she would surely change the ways of the Hyuga. She'd make sure there was no more resentment between the two branches.

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