Chapter 1

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(Y/f) your friend
Your P.O.V

"Mom do you know how weird that is?!" I asked disgusted with her decision.

"Mark is like a son to your father and I." she said trying to calm me down.

"So while you go on some exotic vacation you're sending me away to live with some 25 year old I barely even know?!" I was starting to raise my voice.

"First off it's not a vacation. It's for work and it's for 3 months. And when you were young Mark used to babysit you."

"I don't care Mom! I'm 17 I think I'll survive threes months of the summer here by myself!"

"Even though we're leaving in two weeks you should start packing now, you have a lot to do."

I stood there my mouth wide open. I cannot believe her. She has to go to Africa for three months for her job. Oh the perks of having a mother and father who are zoologists. They're sending me to L.A to live with a 25 year old man. There are so many things wrong with that! I sighed and stomped up to my room. I pulled out my phone to text my best friend (y/f).
M: Me
T: them

M- there's no talking them out of it I'm leaving for the whole summer

T- Omg that's terrible are you sure you've tried everything

M- everything

T- aw I'm gonna miss u!!

M- but there are so many things wrong with this they're sending me to live with some 25 year old that I apparently spent some of my years as a child with I don't even remember him!!

T- this totally sucks what am I going to do all summer with out u

M- ik I'm gonna miss u well I gtg have to start packing 😒 bye <3

T- bye<3

I flopped on my bed and sighed.
Why does life have to suck?

Hello thank you so much for reading! This is just a short little chapter to kinda start off the story and know what's going on hope you enjoyed it make sure to vote and comment!! <3

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