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The bed hit against the wall as Yoongi thrusted into you, pounding you hard as he neared his release.  It had been an hour since he came home from his last day of work before vacation and he wasted no time tossing you into bed to celebrate the start of his weeks staycation.  No late nights at the studio trying to tweak a song to perfection for a picky artist, no getting called in to fix someone else's mistakes, no emergency calls because such and such an artist needed to work with Yoongi right now.  He was all yours, for an entire week.  You had already came three times and he was working on your fourth as you felt the twisting sensation in your core grip you one more time.

    "Ah, Yoongi, fuck!"  You cried out, arching your back off the bed as you uncoiled under him.

His thrusts started to loose rhythm.  You knew he was close.

    "Fuck, baby, i'm gonna to cum."  He gritted out into your ear, his wet, sweaty honey brown hair tickled your throat.

    You felt him release into you, milking himself into you before slowly rolling off of you, letting out a sigh of content, pulling you against his side.

    "Fuck me, that was good."  He yawned out, eyes drooping shut, his voice was scratchy and extra deep from the hour long fuck fest and you could tell he was near sleep.  "Let's take a nap and in an hour, how about we order dinner in?  I don't feel like moving."

    "Can we watch Netflix together while we eat?"  You asked, resting your head against his chest.  You had so many shows you were neglecting to watch because you wanted to binge watch all of them with him.

    "Sure, baby, whatever you want."  He slurred out as he slowly slipped into sleep, his words running together in a deep jumbled mess.

    You were almost asleep, listening to the slow beat of Yoongi's heart against his chest, when his phone started to loudly ring.  You had grown to hate the iPhone default ringtone.  You moved off his chest as almost out of habit, Yoongi bolted up in bed.  He silenced the call, laying back down again, offering you to come back close.

    "Who was that?"  You asked as you snuggled back on his chest.

    He already had his eyes closed and was close to falling back asleep.  "Wade, probably freaking out about something stupid the intern did this morning.  I told him I was on vacation after I walked out of the building, hopefully he'll be a decent human for once and fuck off."

    Wade Brexton.  Yoongi's Korean American boss.  He owned the music production company Yoongi worked at, W.A.D.E Media.  He was the son of a wealthy American music label CEO and through his dad he had all the industry connections you could ever dream of and Wade was cocky about it, too.  But if you blew through your dad's money to secure backstage passes at Coachella to smoke weed with Hollywood's finest, I guess you'd be cocky about it, too.  However, if you had the ability to absolutely loathe one person in your life with your entire existence, it would be Wade.

Wade didn't care what was going on in Yoongi's life, if Wade called you, Wade expected you to answer.  He had ruined countless game nights with friends, date nights, and even your anniversary dinner.  He always had someone coming in the studio last minute or spur of the moment to record and he always wanted Yoongi to meet them and throw something together for them.  Sure, it helped Yoongi's career and it made him a ton of money, but Yoongi was slowly starting to make his studio a permanent home.

You knew Wade wasn't going to give up, so when the phone rang again three minutes later, you knew Yoongi was going to break down and answer.

    Yoongi sighed in frustration as he reached for his phone, answering it.  "What do you want, Wade?  I'm on vacation."  Yoongi then sat up in bed quickly.  "Wait... what?  Post Malone is coming in?  When?  Tonight?  Hold on."

    Yoongi parted the sheets and got out of bed.  You watched his pale, plump backside as he crossed the room to his dresser, pulling out a pair of black sweatpants to slide into as he opened the bedroom door, shutting it as he carried the conversation on in the living room.  He didn't want you to hear the conversation and get upset, but you already were.

    You huffed in anger, getting out of bed yourself and sliding back into your panties Yoongi had tossed off you the minute he had gotten home and slipped on Yoongi's over sized FG shirt you've been wearing when he's been out of the house.  Yoongi getting a vacation was too good to be true.  At least you didn't book a flight anywhere, because then Wade would ruin that too.  Defeated you got back into bed and switched back on the episode of Shameless you were watching earlier, figuring you'd call for Chinese once Yoongi left for the studio.

    Twenty minutes later Yoongi reentered the bedroom and shut the door, tossing his phone on his end table by his side of the bed.

    "Wade just called you in for Post Malone, didn't he?"  You asked not looking at him.

    "Mmhmm."  Yoongi replied, grabbing the remote, turning off the TV.

    "Hey!  I was watching that!"  You complained, folding your arms in a pout as you turned to face Yoongi, half expecting him to be getting dressed and heading out the door to his studio.  You were surprised to see he was climbing back into bed.

    "Lay down, baby."  He instructed, pulling you close to his chest to spoon once you did.

    "You aren't going?"  You asked, a little shocked.

    "Wade forgot I have Post's number from working with him last summer."  Yoongi said with a yawn.  "I dropped him a few text messages while on the phone with Wade and we worked out a date to meet up when I'm going to be back in the studio.  He completely understood."

    "What about Wade?"  You hesitantly asked.  "What if he bothers you again?"

    Yoongi chucked and you felt the vibration down your back, setting off tiny bonfires down your spine.  "Wade was pissed, but I told him I'm on vacation and I'll be busy spending the entire week in bed between my girlfriends legs and if he calls me again this week, I'm cleaning out my studio and taking everyone I've ever worked with, with me."

    You turned in Yoongi's arms to face him, "That's kinda hot."

    "What?"  He asked, perplexed.  "Standing up to Wade or me being in between your legs?"

    "Both." You answered, wrapping your arms around the back of his neck, biting your lip.

    He laughed a little, pulling you closer.  "You want me to order us some lamb skewers and then I can get back to being in between your legs?  I'm starving."

    The two of you sat up in bed as Yoongi reached for his phone to order from his favorite shop down the street and you set up Netflix to the newest season of You you've been dying to watch and the two of you snuggled into a very relaxing, but very eventful night.

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