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PS- If you haven't read Wanted by the Mafia, this book won't make any sense! This is not a stand alone book, please read the first book before continuing. Thank you.


*four months after the second last chapter of WBTM*

"Please, tell Ace that I'll have his money soon! I just need a few more weeks.", the tied up man pleaded. "Roberto, you should've known that no one steals from Ace.", Reece, my second in command, said as he shook his head.

"I was planning on paying him back, I swear!"

Why do these sexist imbeciles just assume that I'm a man?

I walked into the dimly lit room, the sound of my stilettos clicking against the floor ricocheting off the walls that surrounded me. "Finally, I was about to start without you.", Reece said with a grin. I sent him an amused look and returned my attention to the confused man in front of me.

"Roberto Favaro.", I acknowledged him. "What, Ace was too busy to see me so he sent his little girlfriend?", Roberto asked with a snort. I started at him coldly and whipped out my knife, holding it to his pants.

"If I were you, I'd choose my words very wisely in front of the Don. But clearly you don't care for your life.", I stated, raising an eyebrow.

"You...the Don? That can't be, you're...", he trailed off, looking unsure as to whether he should finish his sentence. "Please, Mr. Favaro. Do finish your sentence.", I challenged, looking him right in the eyes. "You're...a girl."

I let my cold blade cut through his pants and into whatever little he had in it. He let out an ear-splitting shriek which lasted for a good minute or so.

"Now that that's out of the way.", I said nonchalantly after he had stopped. "What do you know about Xander Romero?" Roberto looked at me as if I were joking, asking him such a question when he was in obvious pain. "If you tell me, I won't kill you."

His teary eyes widened and he cleared his throat. "I know that he died a few months ago.", he told me. "And what happened to the gang that he formed before his death?", I questioned. "Last I heard, they went underground and haven't been seen together since. Though, rumour has it, Xander's second in command is planning something big."

"Is that all you know?", I asked, my knife pressed against his throat. "Yes, I swear!", he cried out. I nodded, withdrawing my knife and stepping back. "Alright, Mr. Favaro. I wish I could say that it was a pleasure."

I shot a look to Reece and he nodded, drawing his gun and aiming it at Roberto. "Wait, you said you wouldn't kill me!", he said, panic filling his eyes.

"I said that I wouldn't kill you. I made no promises that my second in command wouldn't." And with that, Reece pulled the trigger.


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How's everyone doing? I finally wrote the first chapter (at 2am this morning)! It's short but that's only because it's chapter 1, it'll get longer after this.

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