Love in a syringe

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Love is never quick in pain less even though we want it to be. It's a painful and heartwarming process that could end two ways. With some it is beautiful , every moment is amazing and you never want to let them go. But others it is a spiraling road to being heartbroken.

Meredith paces in the on call room " Christina , what if Derek doesn't come"

"Mer stop worrying he will show up, I know he will chose you over satan" Christian said calmly

A moment later Derek opens the door slowly , " Meredith?"

Christina moves quickly out the door , giving Meredith a little wink.

"Meredith I need to talk to you . I love you and I don't want to hide from it , I choose you. NOT Addison" Derek said as he stroked her face.

"That's all I have every wanted from you Derek".

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