Mc life

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Meredith grasps her purse as she leaves her house with Christina,

"Addison took my Mc dog (kinda) Mc man, my Mc life!"

"I miss him so much, girl," said Meredith, now in the car on her way to Seattle Grace hospital. The day had just begun. As they all changed into scrubs, Izzy making on of her usually remakes about the doctor Bailey.

"Gosh I wish I could sleep while my interns were working there ass's off. OKAY INTERNS WE ARE STARTING THE NERO CIRCUIT," Marinia Bailey commanded. "GRAY YOU AND IZZY ARE WITH SHEPARD." Meredith blushed, her whole face now rose pink. Just as she leaves the locker room, Doctor Shepard walks past. As they exchanged glances he cracks a crooked smile.

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