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Hey there! I'm Aria Ried I'm 15 years old and this is my story of my so called mate rejecte me. Yes I've been one of the packs Omegas since I lost my mom. Yes I get daily beatings. Yes my mate turns out to be the asshole known as the future Alpha. No I wasn't in love with him before hand ... honestly I hated him. Yes I slept with him at his party ... then the next day he freaking rejected me. My father, older brother, older sister, and twin brother do nothing to help me. My father, and older siblings joined in on the abuse. They believed it was my fault my mother died. The only people that care for me and try to help are my twin brother Akiro and my best friend Charlie, that was born the same day as Akiro and I. The day my mate rejeted me I had had enough. So I ran as far as my four legs could carry me. 

See in all this other rejection stories you read some talk about having a second mate. Well that's not true. You would have to be like the moon godess if you were to have a second mate. 

Did I forget to mention anything? Oh yea I almost forgot. After I get rejected and run I find out I'm pregnant. But don't worry. My ex-mate will never see my baby or I again. I don't care if he is my mate or not I hate him and always will. Hmm ... there's something I know you need to know but I can't put my finger on it. Wait a minute! I remeber now! How could I forget. You should know that I'm not your average wof. No I'm not pure white. I'm white with black on the tips of my ears and black spots on my paws but that's not  what's important. What is is that I have powers! Powers that only my friend Charlie knows of. Why's that? Well it's because she has powers too!

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