Chapter 127 Fanfic - "The QianDeng Temple"

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Warning: NSFW

Background: This scene took place within Chapter 127 during Hua Cheng's spiritual surge, while Xie Lian did his best to comfort the Demon King's suffering. Please read chapter 127 of Heaven Official's Blessing before proceeding.


Within the walls of QianDeng Temple, Xie Lian could not think beyond the hand skimmed under his clothes, smooth magical fingers played across his heated flesh. Hard, but soft, warm yet cold. His mouth covered, Xie Lian could only whimper against those lips.

Shame scorched, like a quick dip in the hot spring. Xie Lian caught the roaming hand before it ventured lower than it should, but for reasons unknown, Hua Cheng broke their kiss. Undeterred, his hot searing mouth laid kisses on the vulnerable neck. The unfair assault caused Xie Lian's body to arch, quivering.... as the wet tip traced down the pulsing throat.

The hands that shouldn't, but did. Mouths of which kisses brought, insisted...

Sweeter than honey, more fragrant than flora's sun.

Held, captured...was he really?

If only he had known, experienced...

Was he be so easily swept by the currents?

From their unparted lips, spiritual waves eclipsed. The person below shook from the impact, thrown off unexpectedly by the pleasures he only had glimpsed.

Endless...the horizon unseen. These desires...Would they be the same if others had touched him so?

Brought forth the same fire, same craving, upon the man he was facing...?

Xie Lian cursed himself for his lack of experience for the first time in his 800 years of existence. He was not poisoned by aphrodisiac flowers this time, but his body was blazing all the same. There was no fault he could lay blame to. What kind of God was he if he could not rein in his desire? That's another subject the High Priest did not teach -- fighting off men's advances.

Well, not just any man's advances, but a Demon King's. A Supreme Calamity Class no less!

Hua Cheng was a God above Gods, Demon above Demons. Crimson Rain Sought Flower was more imposing than any known Martial God above.

Delectable would be a better description for a being, so far-reaching before he knew, Xie Lian was biting off more than he could chew.

It wasn't fair!

San Lang's hands were everywhere! Kneading, touching...p-p-pinching! His broad framed body melted perfectly against Xie Lan's, as though they were made from the same mold.

Worse! Xie Lian's body was reacting on its own. Correction, not of his own choosing, but who could fight off such a temptation? Shamelessly, he could not ignore the unspeakable part of him that had risen, nor could he ignore San Lang's either.

Xie Lian's head screamed for sanity's return. He struggled against the body above. San Lang was not in his right mind. He didn't know what he was doing. Nor could he control himself. Even though Xie Lian had apologized beforehand, he didn't think it was enough. Xie Lian realized he had to stop the act before it was too late. Easing spiritual qi fluctuation is one thing, but this wasn't it. Or was it?

Eyes shot open.

No! Not like this! They can't.

Mortified, a desperate cry escaped. Once again, Xie Lian broke free, but the excessive force made him roll off the altar and hit the hard floor from the rush. Scrambling to his feet, half crawling, half running, instinct told him to head towards the door.

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