Suspicion Part 2

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Before I start, just want to say.... Stay safe cause the corona virus is on the loose, remember to wear face masks.


Chase's POV

Who would write such a love letter like this? I think reading it over and over again, gee it's swell to finally someone to like me. Hmm.... Maybe Skye? Or Rubble? What!? Rubble is only my friend and I'm not gay. Thoughts run through my head and I somehow have fallen asleep.

Rubble's POV

Can't believe I wrote that to him,  but when I saw him reading it (A/N: Yeah, Rubble wrote if... Off Cam😂 and yes, he's outside Chase's puphouse)... I see him....happy? Would it be possible that he likes me too? No.... He's not gay... Nor bi (A/N: just like my crush TwT) or even worse... He might think that Skye wrote that letter I get quite sad and goes to my own puphouse and go to my bed and sleep.

Marshall's POV

Rubble seem sad today, wonder what's wrong.... And Chase seems happy? What is happening? Is my ship failing TwT?  I think to myself as Zuma walks by so graceful “You're so cute Zuma” I accidentally say out loud, Zuma turns around “What did you say, Mawshall?” he ask blushing lightly “Uhm... No-” he cut me off “You think I'm cute?” he laughs coming near me “Well, I think you'we so hot” he say to my ears seductively, he then smile but before he walks away he said with a wink “Bye hottie”. I blush deeply and go to my puphouse What just happened... Did he just....flirt with me? My crush... flirted with me I smile as the thought if that repeat. Or... He just played my feelings My smile slowly fades as I fall asleep.

Ryder's POV

I'm playing a game on my pup pad and thought comes Wonder what are my pups doing? I put my pad down and see Zuma, Skye, and Rocky playing each other Hmm... Where's Rubble, Marshall, and Chase. “Skye!” I yell to Skye “Yes Ryder?”.

Me: Have you seen the others?

Zuma: I saw Mawshall went to his puphouse a while ago.

Rocky: And I saw Chase went to his puphouse also.

Skye: And Rubble too.

Me: -_- I only asked Skye

Zuma and Rocky whimpers as I come close to pick them up “Hey, I was just messing with you guys. Don't be sad” they finally smile and quickly licks my face. “Now go to them and tell them dinner is ready”

Skye: Dibs on Rubble

Zuma: Dibs on hott- uh I mean Marshall

Me, Skye and Rocky: Huh?

Zuma: Nothing

Rocky: Suspicious... But guess I'll tell chase then.



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