Run Away: Chapter Two

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         "Hey Jane, is okay if I come spend some nights at your house?" I say to one of my friend,through the phone.

          "Of course, my house is always welcomed to you. Patchy and I will be waiting for you." She says. "Patchy your mommy coming home!"

          "Thanks, tell Patchy hi for me and I'll be there in a while," I hang up.

      Patchy is my pit bull, his more like family to me. Having a dog as family, sounds weird huh? But really he was the only I had while I ran these streets. Two years ago when I escaped the orphanage, I found an abandoned house. I was walking around it and while passing a room I heard a cry. A puppy crying. I walk in to see a pitbull puppy, all white with a brown spot around one of his eyes, and one of his back.

     His was next to a bigger dog , Mama dog. But she wasn't moving, I walked over to her and she looked like she was hit on the head with something big and hard. I grabbed an extra towel from my bag and cover her body with it, then I grabbed the puppy.

       I was not sure what do with a puppy, but he looked pretty big. So I thought he would survive without his mom. I took out some pizza I stoled and broke it to small pieces, and gave it to him. He sniffed it then ate it, I smiled glad that he didn't need milk anymore.

  "Aw well look at you," I say to him. "All left alone here, don't worry boy you'll stick with me...I'll call you Patchy. Because of those to spots you have."



     I made it to Jane's house, and saw my doggy. We talked for awhile then I showered and went to bed. Patchy joined me in bed.

        My phoned buzzed I turned over and grabbed it. It was my boyfriend, Myles.

     Hey babe, how are you?
  I texted back.

     Not to good been a hard day, spending the night a Jane's.

An hour later he said,

    Look out your window

I got up and looked out my window, he was standing there with roses in his hands. I blew him a kiss then put a finger in the air saying I'll be there in a minute.

    I put on a sweater then ran to him and jumped on him. He caught me and I kissed him. I pulled back and smiled, he just laughed.

       "Gosh even though there barley light out here, you still look beautiful in the dark." He said.

    I kissed his cheek then jumped down.

   "And this?" I pointed to the roses.

He turned to look at his hand. "Oh this? Their not for you, its for a beautiful girl named Hazel Redwood. Do you think you know her?"

  I playfully pushed him, he laughed. Then he got on one knee and said,

"To the most beautiful girl in the world." He gave me the rose, than stood up and kissed me.



    We walked into a club and grabbed two beers, than sat on a couch. Beside both us were people making out it was kind awkward. But we still sat there. Myles turned and looked at, "Now tell me my lovely Hazel, why hasn't your day been grand?"

   I laid my head on his shoulder and then told him everything that happen earlier today.

"So why do you hate this Liam Payne? What has he done to you?" He asked.

I sighed and picked up my head from his shoulder.

"That man tricked me, I thought he was all kind and sweet," I sighed. "I was living out on the streets at that time, then he found Patchy and me. He told me to come home with him that he would help me and take care of me. He had two young girls by him and they looked fine, so I thought he was good. I got my stuff and Patchy. He gave my dog a dirty look but then looked at me and smiled. He took us home, he has this huge house and he let me explore it, he gave me a big ass room. It was amazing...Apparently he was part of some band called "One Direction", they broke up five years ago. He didn't like talking about it, who knows why. But that's not the point." I covered my face then let my hands slid down, and looked up."One night when I was sleeping, I had no idea but he stepped into my room. He put Patchy to sleep, he put something in his food he said. He came in and sat near he started running his hand through my hair. I woke up to see him, I sat up quickly. He put a hand on my shoulder and then lefted a finger to his lips. He started touching me in horrible ways I started to scream for help. But he slapped me and told me to keep quiet or he would kill me. I fought against him, though I was to small..."

        I started crying. Myles put his arms around me,and kissed my head.

"I escaped, Patchy and I left and later on found Jane we became best friends, I left my dog for her to take care of. I didn't want Liam to find him or me ever again. But he found me again, I was alone he forced me to help him or he would kill me and find Patchy. I worked for him no harm was done, till today I was finally free. I'm glad to be free- though still afraid."

       Myles was quiet for a minute.Then he turned to me and lefted my chin in his hand, looked me in the eyes, then said,"Don't worry, if that asshole ever comes by here I'll be the one to kill him." And kissed my forehead.

"Now no more horrible memories. Let's go dances." He grabbed my hand and went to the dance floor.

        The rest of the night we hung out there,and drank. I got drunk and so did he so we had to walk home, and we planned to come back the next morning for the car.


       But things went for a turn.

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