"Save Her"

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Chapter one
"Save Her"

No one seated In the St. Thomas's waiting area was talking. Most were crying, or more so sobbing at the fact of Aliya's condition. That no one knew of at this very moment in time. Coffee was the strong stench in the room, as each person tried to stay awake. Jax's legged bounced up and down impatiently. Her blood still drenched his clothing, and has dried on his hands, not caring less at this moment- he just wanted her to make it. He wanted his girlfriend, to make it. Gemma calmly sat down while rubbing her forehead. It was her job to keep the guys calm, but inside she was freaking out just as much as they were.

"Aliya Jenkins?" A older doctor announced, and everyone immediately stood up. Jax and Gemma at the front of the line.

"How is she?" Jax asks, his hands shaking as he tries to gain his composure. The doctor sighs.

"We had to rush her into surgery, and she's still undergoing. She's flatlined a couple times so at this moment, we're not entirely sure, we give her a 25 percent chance. The bullet is stuck in her lung, causing it to collapse. I'll let you know as soon as I know more." Gemma and Jax modded, as he turns and looks at Darrel, Aliya's brother. Who has tears continuously falling down his cheeks.

"Thanks Doc" Gemma says , turning around and wrapping her arms around her broken son. Jax couldn't contain his emotions anymore and let out a loud sob. Gripping his mother's jacket as hard as he could for comfort.

"I need a smoke." Jax mumbles, as he excuses himself from the room, and down the empty halls of the hospital.

"Baby?" Setting his keys into the plate like he did every night. Looking into the kitchen he saw bloody shoe prints. Raising his gun from the back of his jeans, he carefully looked around the corner.

"Oh god" dropping his gun and running to a bloody , almost unconscious girl lay. Her phone still on the phone with the police.

"Hello?" Jax heard a 911 operator speak through the end of the line.

"Send help please, my girlfriends been attacked. She's dying please hurry" he sobbed. Clenching Aliya to his chest. Her breathing almost a gurgle.

"Baby please. Please hold on." He begged. Trying to put pressure on her chest and her stomach. "

Blowing the smoke out of his nose, Jax wanted nothing more than to track the man who did this down. Making him pay for what he did to the love of his life. An innocent, perfect woman. All due to her falling in love with the wrong guy. Jax felt guilty for being so selfish with Aliya. Convincing her that the safest place she could ever be was by his side. Him knowing how his life is. Knowing Samcro would screw up and make an enemy and Aliya would be at risk. But loving her consumed Jax, her love made him a better person. A better man.

"Jax, the doctor wants to talk too you." Juice stood in the hospitals double door entrance, telling his Vice President that he was needed. Jax quickly threw out his cigarette onto the harsh pavement, and headed inside behind juice.

"How is she?" Jax asked reaching his mother and the doctor from a few hours ago, who still had some blood on his scrubs.

"Mr. Teller, Aliya lost almost 50 percent of her blood, and she needs a new lung. She has major damage to her skull, and her brain. If she wakes up it's almost guaranteed she'll have no memory of what happened, if any at all. We're keeping her in a medical induced coma and on life support for her sake until tomorrow when we can go in and replace the destroyed lung. A nurse will come get you when Aliya is ready to have a visitor. I'm so sorry." And with that being said, the doctor left Jax and Gemma to the horror of what was really happening. Aliya could die. Or at least not even remember him, or their life for the past 2 years. Jax looked around at the white colored walls stunned. Taken back at the blunt words "if she wakes up"

"Family of Aliya Jenkins? You can see her now." A nurse named Katie lead Jax and Gemma , followed by Clay, Chibs, Opie ,Juice and Darrel. "This is her room, let me know if you need a thing." Nurse Katie opens the door and let's the family in, not stepping in herself.

"Oh my god." Gemma says quietly, her hand immediately finding her chest in despair of the sight of Aliya.

Aliya's black hair was all matted together from the blood and tangled. Thrown back onto the pillow behind her. Her left eye had stitches above her eyebrow , and her right eye was completely swollen shut and black and blue. Her nose was bruised and cut along with her cheeks cut up pretty bad with small bandaids. And even with the breathing tube down her throat, you could still see the cuts on her once perfectly plump lips. Her hands were bruised and had some minor cuts going up her arm. Along with an IV pumping A+ blood into her body and hopefully not make her look so pale. Jax took a seat beside her bed, and grabbed her bandaged arm, holding her hand. The constant beat of her heart monitor was soothing to him. As he silently refused to ever leave her side.

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