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(Claude's POV)

Sebastian has a daughter? She's beautiful..i..i must have her. "No now,(Y/N) calm down the young master will be returning to the manor shortly,I'll ask him if you may stay with us tonight." Sebastian said to his daughter. "Okay daddy....Hey father is that your friend?" (Y/N) asked while pointing at me. "No,he's far from a friend to me." Sebastian said under his breath.(Y/N) walked over to me. "Hi my name is (Y/N) Michaelis if you do my father wrong I have you know I will kill you." She said in an impolite manner. "Nice to meet you (Y/N) I am Claude Faustus, head butler of the Trancy manor." I said giving her a hungry look. "Claude I'd appreciate it if you didn't look at my daughter like that." Sebastian said giving me a dirty look. "Father I...need..somewhere to stay." (Y/N) said blushing. "Why?" Sebastian asked. "Because I- " "(Y/N) you can have a job here." Alois, brat, disturbed her as she was talking."No I don't think my daughter needs a job here with hungry spiders crawling around." Sebastian said in an entertained voice while looking at me like he wanted to kill me.

-10 days later-

(your POV)

You walked into Ciel's study to dust off the book shelf "Good afternoon." Ciel greeted."(Y/N)......where are you?!" You heard your father yell."Uh oh,bye Ciel gotta go."You yelled getting up and running. Before leaving you heard a sigh escape his lips. You bumped into your father."Oh crap,you said trying to run the opposite direction but had caught you arm. You turned back and looked at him as he had a smile on his face, his eyes closed and head cocked to the side. You looked around and saw a door. You pulled your arm away and ran into the room that was on the other side of the door. You locked the door and leaned up against the door."What's wrong Mi'lady?" You heard a familiar voice ask.

You looked up and saw Claude."C...Claude I..I'm"(Y/N) open the door."your father yelled from the other side of the door."Anyways,my father told me to help Mey-Rin with. The China and we broke it."You said scared of how your father was going to punish you. "M'lady come with me." Claude said holding out his hand. You took his hand and he pulled you into a hug.Claud jumped out the window with you in his arms. You heard your father break down the door and run to the window."Bye,bye.." You waved sticking your tongue out.

You and Claude arrived at the Trancy Manor.The both of you were walking through hallways and doors."Wow a lot like the Phantomhive Manor but except...." "More Grand "You heard Alois finish for you. You turned around to see Alois with a women by his side. She had long beautiful lavender hair,her skin made her look as if she came from India. "Hannah show (Y/N) to her room." Alois said in a demanding voice.

"Yes master,please follow me Lady Michaelis."Hanna said walking past Alois.You stood still for a minute.'Should I trust this woman?'You thought to your self.She stopped and looked at you placing a soft smile on her face. You had this weird gutsy feeling telling you not to trust her but followed still.

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