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Hope this story is better than the first one i made
(Your POV)
'My father brought me to the human world a year or two ago.' You thought to yourself. "Lady (Y/N),would you like me to prepare lunch for you?" Your trustworthy maid/bodyguard asked. "No Jewels i'm fine." You answered in a bored tone. You got up out of the chair you was in and patted your (F/C) Dress to make sure there was no dust from the room you haven't sat in for years. You looked down at your hands. Then looked up at the painting of your deceased mother and your father who is appearently in the late 1800's taking care of a-mere-human. "Why...why father the pain just keeps coming and it gets stronger each day." You said dropping to the floor your hands on your face. "Father...." "Lady (Y/N) do you wish to go see your father?" You stood up now changing your mood. "No i'm fine."You answered in your soft tone.

(In the 1800's)

"Young master it is time to wake up."The tall slender butler said."Sebastian.....what's my schedule?"The short boy asked."Lordl Trancy want's to see you later in the day."The butler replied."Very well then."

(in 2000's)

"Jewels let's go."You said."Go where My Lady?"Jewels asked.You just got finished packing all your dresses and shoes along with your Maid's.You drew your sign on the wall."(F/N) Michaelis daughter of Sebastian Michaelis!" You saw an image of your father standing with some other butler and a blonde headed boy. You walked through the portal without a word. Once you got to where you wanted to go you stopped to look for your father. Only to see him talking with the same butler you saw earlier. "Father!" You said running and hugging him. "(Y-Y/N) what are you doing here?"

(Ciel's POV)

'Is that really Sebastian's daughter.'I thought to my self."Father who's that?"The strange girl asked pointing at me."(Y/N) this is my young master,Young Master would you like to introduce yourself?"Sebastian asked me."*Sigh*I'm the Earl Ciel Phantomhive."I said looking at her."I'm Alois Trancy!"Alois yellped.Then he jumped onto her."You're cute how would you like to marry me?"Alois asked her."Alois you've just met her how are you going to marry her!?!"I yelled."A-actually you'd have to get my Father's approval first....and i'm not interested in getting married ri-wait you can't marry me you're a human and i'm a demon!(Y/N) yelled."Can you please get off me you're crushing my body.

How do you like it so-"Is that typing i here"
Alois:I'm Here where is she!
Me:Oh shit it's Lord trancy!*Crawls under bed*
*Door Creeks*
Alois:Anna...anna where are you.
Me:*Achoo*....Oh shit!
Alois:Found you!

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