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"Doctor angel, I did not have any stomach bug last night. Thank you," Little patient Mia said to Dr. Bianca as she was in the children's ward during her round.

"You are a very good girl Mia, that's why fairy granted you with a strong stomach. Now you are all ready to go home and watch Disney," Bianca replied with the same smile she held for everyone.

As she finished her round it was already eleven in the morning and she had missed her breakfast. Even if she never had proper breakfast, she wished she could arrange some time to have her breakfast as her weight was dropping drastically from the day she joined the hospital.

It was the number one hospital in Italy and she was grateful she could pack a job here.

It had been two months since she joined the hospital and started living independently in a small 1BK room near her hospital leaving behind the orphanage that sheltered her till twenty-three years of age.

Even though she was an orphan and raised in an orphanage, she was a bright girl. She found her way to the medical field and inspiration to treat the children. With the hope of healthier life for the kids of her orphanage she joined medicines and not later than two years of her enrollment, three years old Zina from the same orphanage she lived had an atrial septal defect (ASD).

With that she was motivated more to become a doctor. One day she would cure little Zina but this dream was still to be fulfilled even after three years.

She had been saving almost all of her savings for Zina yet she was far away from collecting five percent of the operating charges.

She sighed and opened her cup noodle and poured hot water to take her brunch, until the night it was her food.

Just when she turned with the cup noodle in her hand, she bumped with something hard and spilled all of her cup noodles burning her hand.

"Watch where you are going." The voice came with authority and irritation.

"I am sorry." She apologized lowering her head.

"Does your sorry undo the mess you have created?" The man held her burnt hand and she hissed.

"What happened? Are you mute or deaf? You low life people don't even have eyes of their own. Do you even know this suit costs millions and you can't even pay if you sell yourself."

That was the final string for Bianca. She rose her head and slapped the notorious man with all her force.

Never in a lifetime had she seen someone ruthless like him. Her eyes widen when she saw the man with a fire ignited in his eyes like he was ready to murder her with his bare hand.

"Leave her Sandro, we don't want to fight anymore." The other man with him suggested.

"I want this little tramp out of this hospital immediately," Alessandro barked and Bianca had her mouth open and throat dry.

What just happened? Who is he and how could he dismiss her from this hospital. She works here.

"Alessandro, calm down." The man tried to calm the fire down but it did nothing to him.

"I am not in the mood Darren, I have already lost my mind in the meeting and this ugly girl here just dropped her low-class food on my branded suit. Imagine the humiliation." Alessandro huffed.

"The low-life food you were talking about was my breakfast and lunch which you ruined. I don't have eyes on my back to look where you came from and whom I stumble with. How dare you insult me when you are speaking nothing but shit." Bianca spit.

"Take her out of the hospital and make sure she does not step a foot in this hospital again," Alessandro ordered and that was final.

Not less than half an hour later Bianca was out of the hospital, jobless and soon to be homeless with no job to support it.

With such tragedy she went to her real home, orphanage to cry in front of her mother, Roma. She was the one who raised Bianca. She was the one that supported all her and made the lady she was today.

But Bianca was devastated today and only Roma could collect her.


"What do I do mother? I have lost the final string to save Zina. I have lost my job, I have lost my hope." Bianca cried on Roma's lap.

"Be strong honey, when god closes one door he opens the other. We will find some way to get her treated." Roma caressed the fragile girl on her lap.

"Zina must be disappointed with me right? I told her she could play again in a few months but I could not be trustworthy enough." Bianca sobbed remembering her promise to little Zina.

"Nobody is disappointed dear, the phase will go as God is always with us, watching us and helping us." Bianca nodded to Roma's advice.

She had the worst day of her life where her dreams were shattered and stepped on it like dirt. She was sad and helpless. She thought she should have been careful and watched her move. Only if she had not bumped with Alessandro guy she would have her job and hope back.

Only if...

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