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She had looked so very tired lately, so he decided he'd take her out. She deserved it, he thought to himself as he tucked that scarf under his pillow before he left to go get her for their date. She hadn't confirmed that they were together, but Shoto thought it was more than obvious now. They went out together all of the time, she liked his company and he obviously liked hers. They were, at least in his eyes, perfect for each other. Besides, it wasn't like she didn't want to come with him. He'd been keeping up with her diary entries, and she liked him a lot. There was no doubt in his mind that they were soulmates. Though... he had two problems in his way now. Two people had caught onto his odd behavior, and he was aware of both of them. Midoriya he could understand. He green-haired hero-to-be was one of (Y/n)'s old time friends, he had a right to be concerned. Bakugou though, that was confusing for Shoto. He had no right, Shoto realized. He had heard from (Y/n) how cruel the blonde could be, she was quirkless after all. It just gave Shoto even more of a reason to want to keep her to himself, he wanted to keep her away from Bakugou Katsuki.

He was abusive.

As much as she wanted to deny it, Shoto knew it was true. Not abusive, she'd say, just a bit over the top. Shoto didn't buy that for a second. His little lover was just lying to herself to save her feelings so they wouldn't get hurt. He had realized during one of his conversations with her that she sounded just like his mother. She sounded like a certified abuse victim. Maybe it was due to her mother or Bakugou, but either way Shoto hated it. It wasn't fair for someone so perfectly sweet to be mistreated. It just wasn't right.

Shoto was very open about his feelings about it too. He let her know that he didn't approve of her talking with the blonde. He'd told her so many times to just leave Bakugou alone, but she was too stubborn. She admired Bakugou despite everything he's done to her and that just ignites Shoto's anger even more. It isn't her fault, he has to remind himself, it's tag fact that she's so forgiving. It was a good quality... to an extent. People like Bakugou Katsuki didn't deserve her kindness.

"Why don't you just cut ties with him altogether? He's done nothing to deserve how you act towards him. I doubt he'd beg you to come back." Shoto says, taking a long sip of his coffee. He nearly flinches at his own words, they were just a bit cruel, even he can admit that. However, he's gotten agitated with her the last couple of weeks. She needed to hear the truth from someone she knew cared about her.
"Kaachan isn't like that anymore, Shochan. Even you have to notice that lately he's been kind of mellow. I've known him for such a long time, abandoning him how would just be a mistake."
His pale cheeks flush a bit at the nickname she'd given him not too long ago. He wished she would start calling him Honey or My Love, but that would come later, he was sure.
Still... why was she being so stubborn with him? Usually she was so very compliant, this was odd and Shoto didn't like it.

"Mistake? The only mistake that's been done is him even trying to maintain a relationship with you. Bakugou must know that you don't like him like that, right?" What in the living hell was he actually doing? Shoto mentally scolds himself, telling himself that he shouldn't do it. It was manipulation, wasn't it? Telling her something like that?
Shoto pauses before throwing all of his prior shame out the window.
"Apparently, and do tell me if I'm wrong, but some of the students from General Studies told me that they saw Bakugou snooping around your dorm room." Shoto watches as her face contorts uncomfortably.
"It couldn't have been because the two of you were meeting up, you aren't scandalous like that. He must have been being a total creep." Shoto finishes, his bi-colored eyes shifting to (Y/n) as she gains a look of pure disgust. She believed him, why wouldn't she? Shoto had never given her a reason not to trust him, and he knew that all too well.

She was completely in his reach.

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