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She smelled nice, and as weird as that sounded, it was true. At this point, he was pretty much a full fledge pervert, so why try and hide it? It was getting pretty obvious too.

Especially to Midoriya.

"Todoroki... were you sniffing (Y/n)'s hair last night?"

It was after class when the green haired teen asked the dreaded question. What was his deal? It wasn't like it was any of his business! He wasn't dating (Y/n), was he?

"Why? Are you two together?"

"No, but-"

"Then you have no right to prod."

That was the end of the conversation.


It didn't take Shoto long to discover that (Y/n) had a notebook that she liked to write in. It wasn't on her phone, like most of the kids had, but in a cute little blue book. She left it in his dorm room after he asked her to help him with some quirk history. Despite not being in the Hero Course, she was quite good at helping him.
She was unpacking her stuff out of her bag to help him, several books and folders were thrown onto the floor next to her, but one stood out to him.

When she wasn't looking, he hid the book under his pillow.

He was utterly surprised that she hadn't noticed him do it, but she did seem distracted.

He enjoyed their little study date, but she had to leave before dorm curfew unfortunately.
Shoto knew he would probably get teased by the rest of the guys the next day, but at the moment he barely cared. Anything that had to do with (Y/n) he found as a compliment.

He'd already sniffed her, what harm could reading her diary do? He would return it as soon as he read what he wanted!

| Zuku told me I should go talk to Todoroki today. I was a bit hesitant at first, but it wasn't that bad! He seems really nice!

When we were at the aquarium, I drifted off, like I always do. I expected Todoroki to get annoyed or something, but he didn't. He said that the rest of the group was being too loud, I agreed with him. |

Shoto could feel his ears becoming hot.

| Ever since Izuku joined class 1-A we haven't had a lot of time to hang out and talk like we usually do.

I'm really happy that he's finally getting some new friends, but I also feel like he's forgetting me altogether!

Is it selfish to want him back?


But, I haven't been all alone! Todoroki's been asking me out to do stuff with him a lot more since the aquarium.

I'm still sad that Izuku's leaving me behind, but I think Todoroki makes it a lot better. |

There's no need to be sad...

| Izuku really made me mad today!

He said something about Shoto sniffing my hair!

I'm pretty sure that he'd never do that, he isn't that kind of person! |

He was telling her what?!


Like he promised, he returned her diary. He had to sneak inside of her dorm room, but still.
He did plan on seeing what her future entries would be, thus he was planning on borrowing her diary again.
It wasn't creepy, he told himself.

He was her future husband, after all. Secrets would just tear them apart, wouldn't they?

'I'm not being creepy... I'm just making sure she's alright.'


"I'm telling you, Kaachan! I saw Todoroki sniffing her hair!" Izuku whisper-yelled at the explosive blonde.

Katsuki growled under his breath.

"I know. He's a fuckin creep."

{I just got finished watching Mirai Nikki, my soul hurts.}

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