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Ever since the aquarium trip, (Y/n) had been hanging around him more, which wasn't something he really expected. She was an angel, after all.
It wasn't like he was disappointed, he was just a bit shocked. Pleasantly so, in fact.
At this point, he guessed they could be considered friends.

He loved it, he really did.

Shoto still had the scarf that she let him use. It wasn't like he simply kept it, Shoto did ask her if she wanted it back. (Y/n) had told him to keep it, saying she didn't really need it anyways.
It was no longer as cold when you needed a scarf, but he still had the scarf with him a lot of the time. When he was at home, it was tucked in his pocket or under his pillow. When at school it was inside of his bad. He had it with him at all times, it made him feel like he had a part of (Y/n) with him. Not only that, but it smelled like her too!

Just thinking about her smell had him shuddering, it was faintly embarrassing. Just like what he did the other day after training.
It wasn't (in his mind) too perverted, but it wasn't a completely innocent action either. He had slowly walked to his room, once he got there he'd plopped on his bed. It was a harsh day of training and he hadn't even talked to his angel all day, it was cruel.

Shoto's bi-colored eyes trailed over to his pillow, remembering what was underneath it.
Her scarf.
The scarf which smelled exactly like her.

Shoto shuddered at the thought of her scent, sweet and lovely. He was stressed and upset, taking this break wouldn't do anything bad, right? No one was around, so he knew that he wouldn't get caught. Needless to say, he almost passed out by smelling the soft scarf.

Looking back at it, he admitted it was kind of weird. Obsessive, even. It was odd to him, how she made him react to things. He was a little embarrassed when he remembered what he did. Though, he wouldn't mind doing it again. It was such a relaxing experience, despite him waking up in an odd position. He wondered, faintly, if he could hang out with (Y/n).

His prayers were answered when the rest of the class invited her to a slumber party within the dorms. He honestly couldn't thank Ashido and Kaminari more.
Honestly, how lucky was he?

It was amazing, really. He was thankful.

And she decided to sleep besides him and Midoriya.


The night was filled with games and junk food, something Shoto himself wasn't used to. Knowing that (Y/n) didn't really enjoy loud atmospheres, Shoto kept her to himself all night, simply talking. She seemed pretty happy to be talking to him, which was something he enjoyed immensely. It was only when Midoriya and Uraraka showed up and started to tell her to socialize that they almost parted.


Being that she was nervous, (Y/n) asked Shoto to come with her. He didn't oppose, of course. She started out talking to Bakugou, it wasn't surprising, she knew him after all. They knew each other from childhood, right?
Unusually, he wasn't as moody when talking to her.
Shoto knew that it was probably a good thing...

But he didn't like it.

At all.


By time everyone was watching a movie, (Y/n) had opted to sit next to Shoto, Midoriya at her side. They were talking, the green haired teen smiling widely as she asked him how his training was going.
It was disgusting, honestly.

Subconsciously, Shoto's fingers were twitching, reaching for (Y/n)'s hand, wanting to turn her away from Midoriya.

He stops himself before it happens. However, he still feels a dangerous tinge start to edge inside of him.

Midoriya Izuku was getting in the way.

{I told you guys, he's a creep}

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