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i saw pappa "What the hell is going on..whats happening, ?" i took a look around and noticed i was in a kind of crouch position..a position i wouldnt have thought my boby would have been able to perform givin my height and all. i started to stand using the walking stick as leverage...wait something odd the stick it wouldnt come off my hand it was actually melted to my skin, i tried shaking it flinging my arms around like a maniac the damn thing wouldnt come off. i looked up at pappa he was staring at me with an expession i have never seen before...he was saying something but i couldnt hear "what" i said." what, pappa"? i used my opther hand to try and pull the stick out of my hand..getting more frustrated by the second. i threw my hand in the air the stick high above my head, i saw pappa starting to scream but still i heard no words..i slammed the stick to the ground, the most blinding light shot out from the contact..i saw pappa throw his arm over his face and duck out of the way, almost like he flew...the heat thea was building inside me was an all out searing fire. my hand was burning i looked at the stick i couldnt believe my eyes the carvings on the walking stick were now traced in a bright blue, every little detail, symbols,stars, moons, animals. and the glass orb at the top it was a pulsing light. pappa looked horrified he was shaking his head no. i took a step towards him it felt like i was wading through invisable jello..i realezed he was speaking again, i tried to follow his mouth to distinguish his words what i understood i didnt like....he said "it cant be, can it?" he frantically started looking around the room, i had no idea what he was looking for and i still couldnt hera his words..eveywhere i looked it was like i was looking through foggy glass..i couldnt grasp what was going on.. suddenly i felt a vibrating under my feet i spun around, pappa was standing there with an old chalkboard pointing at it. i took another step forward and ill be damned both pappa and the chalk board moved back. new game plan..i tried to read what pappa had written, i had to squint to see it, really concentrate. what he said chilled me to the bone. i didnt understand everything was cryptic. it finally hit me, pappa had written what looked like directions, for what i have no idea...

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