i Am Blessed

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the heat in my insides was almost overwhelming...i took another step. i had to. what was going on? my mind started racing i was looking around the shop for any signs of a break in or my uncle jazz. nothing. another step. a glass case stood to my left leaning against it was pappas walking stick colloection. there were many, but just 1 stood out. 1 that i honestly had never noticed. it was a bit taller than me with beautifull carvings of things i had no idea what they were but what had caught my eye was a glass orb identical to the one on uncle jazz's desk . the only difference between the 2 was the size. that and the small fact the one on top of the walking stick, well it actually looked like it had grown from the wood...impossible no?

a strong feeling came over me to turn and look at uncle jazz's desk at the other orb. i didnt want to. just the thought of taking my eyes away from the door and stick made the heat inside burn like a low fire. i sucked in a quick breath and turned. it...was..gone. the orb i has just held in my hand a few minutes before. gone. my head snapped back like i was slapped my ears were ringing everything turned bright. automatically i looked back at the stick. thats when it hit or i should say when pappa hit. next thing i know im on the floor stick in hand it had molded to my skin the carvings on the stick glowed a bright blue the orb was a pulsing light....i looked up at my pappa he was staring at uncle jazz's door....

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