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the directions didnt make any sense but i started to follow them anyway..i started to breath deep and slow, concentrating on the fire inside by body willing it into the walking stick just like pappa was advising me, walking in a counter clockwise circle the walking in jello feeling started to disappear i was seeing more clearly the last step pappa had written was for me to say these words,"goddess of wind and fire release me , i own this power i control this power relaese me" i repeated it over and over until i felt the fire reside, the sticks glow receding. the invisable walls comming down. i was finally able to step into pappas waiting arms..he hugged me so tight i couldnt breath...."pappa whats happening, whats going on, why is this stick stuck to my hand ? wheres uncle jazz?" the questions i had were pooring from my mouth must have been way faster than pappa could answer. in fact he wasnt sayiing a word i finally looked up into his face..he wasnt looking at me at all he was stairing straight at uncle jazz's door, it had opened a crack..a smell so horrible i almost couldnt take it. pappa grabbed my hand and we started towards the door.

pappa gestured to me to use my stick to open the door wider so we could pass through it. questions were still pouring out of my mouth but pappa still wasnt answering. he seemed preoccupied. opening the door i was covering my nose and mouth trying to make sure i didnt smell anything. pappa looked unfazed. this was the first time i have ever been in here i had no idea what to expect.

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