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Voldemort's POV

I apparated behind Umbridge before grabbing her by the neck and chucking her down the stairs.

"Bella." I hissed as Nagini slid down my shoulders to examine Harry in his Godfather's arms.

She bowed before grabbing Umbridge and fleeing through the floo.


My followers bowed before fleeing as well.

I crouched before Harry before yanking the orb out of his pocket. "This will be the price for all of you to leave here alive." I hid it in my robes.

Sirius looked up at me. "You care?"

I tilted my head at him. "He cares. I don't."


"Tonight was supposed to be your end but he paid the price."


I kneeled beside him. "Consider this the usage of my last ounce of kindness." I gently caressed Harry's cheek before hissing a spell to stop the bleeding on his neck. I concentrated on carefully removing the piece of Dolores' wand that was used to stab him before softly touching the fresh scar dawning his pale skin. "He is mine to kill and no one else's."

"Thank you."




I stared at Harry as I checked his vitals. Once I felt a pulse, Sirius and I relaxed before staring at each other.

"You've got heart, Tom. It isn't too late."

I went rigid before pulling away from Harry. "..." My eyes burned into the old wizard standing no more than a few yards away.

"You can still change."

"I've split my soul into many pieces and I still have a boy to kill."


"Please. Do yourself a favor and choose your next few words, wisely."

Dumbledore smiled. "I am not your enemy, Tom."

"Well, you aren't a friend to me." I spat. "I'm not here to make peace or exchange Shakespeare-like quotes."


"I found my bad apple and I've gotten what I wanted."


"I'm leaving."

"Then leave."

My grip on my wand tightened before I turned to look back at Sirius.

He seem stunned but quickly came to his senses when I had Nagini head towards them.

He picked Harry up and fled the building.

I kept my word Potter.

I clenched my jaw before swirling my wand.

But I don't know about this one.

"You don't want to kill Harry. You care about him! You want another way out, right? Let me help you." Albus slowly approached. "I can help you end this-"

"ENOUGH!" I shouted before blasting a beam of green energy at him.

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