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I woke up to chase's arms pulling me close, and his eyes staring into mine. he gave me a quick good morning kiss.

"good morning, angel." he said as he squeezed me into a hug.
"good morning, handsome." i responded, "you hungry?"
"definitely. There's a nice diner just a couple blocks down if you want to go get some breakfast." he suggest
"sounds like a plan, i guess this means we have to get up so we can get ready."
"nooooo. i don't want to let gooooo." chase whined.
i squirmed out of his hold and sat up.
"come on, we have a lot planned today. let's get some munchies."
chase groaned and then agreed. We both started getting ready to head out.
I began to undress and when i looked over i saw a shirtless chase staring at me.
"you just going to stand there and gawk?" i teased.
"you know i think i might do more than just that." chase said as he began to walk over to me.
Chase's thumb played with my bottom lip, teasing me. He kissed my jaw, then moved down to my neck. he found my sweet spot, earning a moan from me. he continued to suck there, probably leaving hickeys.
as much as i wanted to do this i couldn't. i backed up disconnecting his sweet lips from my body.
"chase i don't want the fans to be suspicious, plus we need to get going if we're going to make it to our meet and greet later."
Chase sighed, but he knew i was right.
"well it's not fair, if you're just going to walk around looking like that," he said as he pointed towards my half naked body.
"next time you don't have to watch." i said with a wink and then threw on a sweater and pulled on a pair of jeans. "now get a shirt on mister."

We both finished getting ready and then headed to the hotel lobby and made our way to the exit. We walked to the diner hand in hand. He held the door open for me and then we looked inside for an available booth. We sat down across from each other and starting conversation. One thing led to another and we got to the topic of what we are.

"kenzie, where do we stand? Are we dating? Are we friends who kiss sometimes?" Chase's question caught me off guard.

i hesitated then responded, "chase, honestly i don't know. Are you even able to be in a relationship right now? I mean you're going on tour soon, plus all your 12 year old fans think they own you." i joked

"Kenzie, they're my supporters, they will support me if they see i'm happy, and i'm happiest when i'm with you."

"you make me so happy too chase, you know that, but.." i paused, "I don't think cynthia's over you yet, and i don't want to hurt her."

"I get that kenzie, but you can't just put your life on hold because you're afraid of someone else not agreeing with you. it's your life, live it" Chase reached over and put his hand on top of mine, "I'm not saying you need to make a decision now, but I just want to know where i stand with you."

"I know, i do too. Let me just talk to cynthia."

"you're too sweet you know that right?" Chase said

i rolled my eyes, "hardly" i responded

We continued our breakfast, keeping the conversation light and fun.



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xlilhuddy; imagine looking this cute in the morning.
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@luvanthony where was my invite 😢
@notnoen and mine??

@haleymariemorales why is he with her 😖
@user ikr. he could do soooo much better
@xlilhuddy i really couldn't though. she's as good as it gets 😋

@kenzie.matthews you look cute 24/7 🤫
@xlilhuddy sToP pLaYiNg WiTh mE i KiSs yOu oN yOuR foReHeAd 🥰

@avaannii ya'll are cute 🥴
@paytonmoormeier not as cute as us 😉

@cynthiaparkerrr 💔
@user wow she just did that 🤭

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kenzie.matthews; he wouldn't share his pancakes with meeeee ):
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@avaannii yeah, well he's also not sharing you either ):
@cynthiaparkerrr i know it's not fairrr 🤧

@xlilhuddy haha suckerrrrrr 😝
@kenzie.matthews you're such a bully 😤

@jmarshxll you miss me yet? 😘
@kenzie.matthews never have. never will.

@user i hope not. he's mine

@madimonroeee so this is where you where this morning huhhhh intrestinggg 😂
@kenzie.matthews mhmmmm 🙃

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Me and Chase got back to the hotel and up to our hotel room. We had to get ready to head down to our Meet & Greet. We met up with the rest of our friends and made our way to the venue.
Being able to meet fans was absolutely incredible, but having to pretend like me and chase were just friends was a lot harder than i thought it was going to be. Our eyes were constantly lingering on each other. A couple fans picked up on it, and asked us but we continued to avoid answering.
Then as i looked out into the crowd of fans i saw him. James, with a wicked grin on his face, his eyes staring straight at me. As he began to walk towards me, my whole body tensed up. Avani immediately saw what was happening and came to my side. Payton following behind her. They were the only people who knew about what happened.
Avani and Payton stepped in front of me, blocking James from getting to me.

"You need to leave." Avani demanded.

"I'm just here to see my favorite celebrity. Isn't that what this is all about?" James responded sarcastically.

"come on James, do you really want us to make a scene and get security involved? just leave." payton reasoned

"Nah i think i'll stay." James quickly walked around them and was at my side. He took his hand and began to play with my hair. I was frozen, completely paralyzed. His hand slowly moved down my back. Tears began to stream down my face.

then the room began to spin and everything went black.

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