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it's been 2 weeks. me and chase still talk every single day, and if i'm being honest, i think i'm beginning to catch feelings for him. it scares me.
me and madi have also been getting close lately. something i've noticed though, is whenever i bring up chase, she always talks about some girl named cynthia. Apparently they have some sort of relationship. I've been meaning to ask him about it, but i've been too scared. But we are on facetime, so what better time than now.



"just wondering, but who's cynthia?"
as soon as i said her name his whole body tensed.

"she, my ex girlfriend, i guess."

"what do you mean i guess."

"it's complicated"
"it's not complicated he just doesn't want to admit he's playing me" i thought to myself.

"yeah, right. you know..... what i have to go."
"wait macke-"
i ended the call. i suddenly wasn't in the mood to hear his voice. the voice i loved so much.


hey, can you come over?

of course bitch. everything ok?

i just need someone to talk to rn

i'm on my way babe

thanks babe. i love you

love you more. see you soon😘


in about 20 minutes i heard avani walk into my house

"hey Mrs. Matthews" avani said as she walked through the front door. "do you know where Kenzie is?"
"uh, yeah she's in her room."
"okay, thanks." avani said as she made her way up the stairs.

"HEY BITCHHHH!" avani screamed at me as i was laying on my bed.

"HEY HOE!" i screamed back.

avani joined me on my bed.
"so what's up?" she asked

"do you know who cynthia is?"

"oh yeah, i do." i don't think she was going to give me more than that, but it didn't stop me from trying.

"well, do her and chase have something going on?" i was trying to get as much information as i could.

"that's not really my place to say" avani knew something i didn't

"avani, please. after everything that happened with james...i..don't want to get hurt like that again."

avani's eyes grew sad, "i know Kenzie, but this is something you need to talk to chase about. what if it was the other way around, would you want me telling him about what happened with James?"

"n-no..i guess not" i stuttered "but can i ask just ask one question?"

"you can ask, i don't know if i can answer it though."

"is he, just playing with me? will he hurt me?"

"that question i can answer," avani said with excitement in her voice, "chase is a good guy, i promise. he won't hurt you...andddddd i happen to know he cares about you quite a lot."

a huge smile spread across my checks, i then immediately felt bad for how i had treated chase before. i took out my phone, and begin to type.


hey hubby. i'm sorry for how i acted earlier, i was being a real stinker

yeah, the biggest stinker.

forgive meeeee...?🤧

of course, i can never stay mad at you.

thank goodness, because i don't know what i would do without our 3 a.m face time calls.

haha, wow so you're just using me so you have someone to facetime. rudeeeee

yup,  pretty much.

wow, i feel so used. don't expect any facetime calls tonight.

nooooo. how will i survive??

sounds like a you problem

ahh, you're the worst.
i gtg but you better facetime me later...or else  *insert evil laugh*

oh my gosh, you're too cute
talk to you later kenz❤️


just those words gave me goosebumps.
i really was falling for him
and i didn't want to stop.

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