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as soon as i arrived at payton's house i walked right in and up to payton's room. payton was on side of him room playing fortnite with
anthony, sam, and griffin.

"jeez, you guys have been playing for hours."
payton jumped at the sound of my voice, since he didn't even hear my enter.

"KENZIE!" payton screamed and the got up and gave me a huge hug.

i laughed, "i've missed you too pay."
i could hear the boys screaming my name into their mics. i picked up the headset and started talking to the boys.

"hey guysssss!"

"kenzie!" sam said

"hey kenz, what's been going on?" anthony asked.
"nothing much what about you guys. got any tea?"
"oooh i've always wanted to spill tea like one of the girls." griffin said we all laughed.

"ahaha maybe later actually me and payton are going to go chill. love you guys" i said then turned off the console.
"come on pay let's watch a movieeee."

payton and i walked downstairs to the living room. we plopped ourselves onto the couch and starting looking through what the had to watch on netflix. we decided to watch the conjuring. it was hilarious, payton kept screaming like a little girl.
hanging out with payton made me realize how much i had missed him. i put my head on his shoulder and took a quick picture when he wasn't looking. everyone had thought something happened between me and payton so i figured it was time to put those rumors to rest.

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kenzie.matthews; movie night with my best friend @paytonmoormeier 🎥

@xlilhuddy jealous.
@notnoen same 🤧

@luvanthony when i see you can we do a movie night too?
@kenzie.matthews yes pleaseeee
@xlilhuddy do i get an invite?
@madimonroeee me too!!! 😚

@user how does avani feel about this.
@avaannii well...avani does this crazy thing called trusting her friends.
@kenzie.matthews haha ilyyyy 💗

@user since when does she talk to anthony and madi???

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"hey pay?"
"...yeah?" payton said nervously
"why...why did we even stop talking?"
"i...uh...i wish i could say..but it's better if i don't."
"pay," i positions myself so i was facing him, "you can tell me anything, i promise."
he took a deep breath.

"yeah i guess it would be nice to get this off my chest." he stared into my eyes. "you and james had just broken up and i thought..maybe you would finally give me a shot, but then you started talking to chase, and it hurt. because i loved you kenzie, as more than just a friend. But during that time i realized how good Avani was to me and i ended up falling for her, but near the beginning of our relationship my feelings for you still lingered. i stopped talking to you because, i had to so i could move on. i owed that to Avani."

i didn't even know what to say. that was a lot to take in. then the words just started pouring out.
"payton, i'm so sorry. i wish you had told me sooner, i could have helped or something i don't know. i understand why you did that. does avani know?"
payton shook his head.
"oh, i won't say anything, but maybe she deserves to know."
"yeah i know, but i just can't. i don't want to see the look on her face when i tell her i was in love with her best friend."
" i get it. payton i love you know that right?"
"i love you too kenzie. just as a friend though"
me and payton both laughed.
"hey, pay it's getting late do you mind if i sleepover?"
"are you crazy kenz. of course you can."
"thanks, you know this means i'm going to have to steal some of your clothes." i let out an evil giggle.
"oh crap, i better go hide my favorite sweatshirts." payton ran up the stairs and i texted my mom to let her know i was going to be sleeping over.

hey mom, i'm sleeping over at payton's just so you know.

alright. sounds good sweetie. i love you

love you too mom. sleep well, see you in the morning.

ok, no need to hurry home, i'll be out all day tomorrow i have a double shift. tell payton i said hi

will do.

i ran up the stairs and to payton's room.
"I'M GOING TO HOLD YOUR SWEATSHIRTS HOSTAGE!" i screamed as i was running down the hall.
"GOOD LUCK FINDING THEM!" he screamed back

god, i loved this kid

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