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"avani wtf?" i screamed at her, "you said we could watch finding dory since i'm letting you do my makeup."

"well i take it back. i want to face time paytonnnnn." she whined

"oh yes your boyfriend. also my used to be best friend. forget it avani we haven't talked in forever."

me, payton, and avani we're always super close we had been friends for as long as i can remember. but then avani and him started dating and i just felt like i wasn't wanted anymore especially by payton. so me and him just sort of drifted off i guess.

" come on please, you guys have to talk eventually, plus playlist is literally in a month and then you'll be stuck with him. might as well try making things less awkward." as soon as she finished her sentence i could her the phone ring, then i heard him.

"hey babeeeeee" i heard payton say and then his eyes scanned the screen and saw my face. "oh...h-hey kenzie."

"hey pay." the call had just started and things were already awkward.

"wellllllll....i'm doing kenzie's makeup right now, what you think?" avani asked obviously trying to cut through the tension.

"you're doing a great job, like always." payton said earning a kissy face from avani.

we continued the facetime call, and eventually things felt almost normal again. that is, until avani had to leave to grab some more brushes real quick leaving me and payton alone.

it was silent for a bit and then...
"hey kenz, i'm sorry for everything. i know we haven't talked and i know it's partly my fault..but i miss you. i miss our friendship."

"pay, i've missed you too, so much you have no idea" it was nice being able to share this with him.

"you're still coming to playlist right?" payton asked.

"well duhhhh."

"awesome, the boys are going to love you."

"i hope so." i mumbled and then avani walked back into the room. avani and payton were flirting while i was deep in my thoughts.

i really did hope the boys would like me. payton and avani were the only ones i knew from that group. i had never really talked to any other of them, besides chase. me and him used to talk a lot but we just sort of drifted apart. i was excited to finally get to meet him.

"well i promised kenzie we would watch finding dory, i love you pay, talk later." avani said right before ending the facetime.

she looked at me tilted her face and said, "what's on your mind?" avani knew me better then anyone else.

"just started thinking about playlist and all that. what if the guys don't like me?"

"oh my gosh, you're seriously worried about that. they are all so excited to meet you."

"wait really?" i asked, shocked

"of course, actually why don't we ask them ourselves. here, we can make a group chat."
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