chapter 1

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Chapter one:

I opened up my email. One new message from my BFF, Lindsay. You'll never guess who likes you! It said with an emoticon with hearts on it. Who tell me please! I replied. Then i got off and did some of my chores. Later i got back on. I'm not telling you, he's paying me a dollar not to tell you. P.s He's asking you out Monday. Oh great i have to wait until Monday to figure out!

The next day was Lidsay's birthday party. Later we were all gathered in her room. "You'll never guess who likes Maggie!" She exclaimed.

"Who?!" Kathryn asked. Then Lindsay took her into her bathroom and told her. Katryn came back making gagging sounds. Oh great!

"Please tell me?" I asked making a "puppy-dog face".

"You guys were like best friends in first grade. He's blonde."

"That really narrows it down."

"Rides my bus."

"How am i supposed to know who rides your bus?!"

"Exactly. i want my dollar."

Why don't i give you two if you tell me. I thought.

"You really want me to tell you?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes just tell me!"

"Okay.It's James."

I had a feeling in my gut that it was him after she said we were friends. Haha i knew who liked me. But one thing, now what?


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