Chapter 3&4

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Chapter 3:

Turns out we weren't really dating. I was so confused. He liked me but he was shy and didn't really have the guts to do anything. That's the best i can explain it.

Chapter 4:

Well, my cadette girl scout troop decided that we should have a band and sing-along night (we are a small troop, seven girls inculding me.) at Kathryn's house. Well, we decided that we were going to play truth or dare. I went first. Being me, i picked dare. Lindsay thought for a moment. "This is mostly for next time but i dare you to call james and tell him you love him."


Then one of the girls,Gabbi, came back in from the bathroom. Then Lindsay told her.

"I have the number!"


I flung onto the bed, and sadly hit my head. They dialed the phone. My friends tried to get me to talk,but i don't talk on the phone. Soon i started trying to break down the walls.

"Quiet guys you might wake my dad!" Kathryn said.

I didn't want to wake her dad he was like 6ft. tall. Lindsay had to restrain me from trying to kill Gabbi. "Calm yourself, Maggie," she told me.

Well, he hung up on us. So they decided that they wanted to make a video. Let's just say that i'm screaming the whole time and then at the end i bit Lindsay.

"Let's see how it turned out," Emilee said.

Gabbi opened the video. Of course screaming. The girls and i thought it would be funny if we did send it to him.

Finally in the end we somehow got to Gabbi asking if his refridgerator was running. That i really have no clue how we got to that.


I remember when that did happen. Good times, sorta. I thought that we should have blew Emily's trombone into the phone.


"I'm sorry about the prank call," I told him in science.

"You better be. Why must you guys call me at nine 'o clock at night?"

"Dare gone wrong. And by the way Gabbi was more likely to be high on chocolate."

Because in math class she told the class about the prank call and left the dare out and said we must have been high on choclate or something.

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