Things To Do When You're Bored

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·Read A Book Or A Magazine

·Organize Your Room

·Watch A Movie

·Do A DIY Craft

·Go For A Walk

·Try A New Hairstyle

·Listen To Music

·Do Some Yoga

·Eat Some Ice Cream

·Play With Your Pet (If You Have One)

·Clean Out Your Backpack

·Make A Bucket List

·Paint Your Nails

·Call A Friend

·Bake Something

·Write In A Journal

·Experiment Different Looks With Makeup

·Watch Videos On YouTube

·Browse The Internet

·Make A Collage Out Of Magazine Pictures

·Text A Friend

·Redecorate Your Room

·Draw A Picture

·Watch TV

·Look At Pictures Of You When You Were Younger

·Write A Goal Down That You Would Like To Accomplish Before The End Of The Year

·Make A Christmas Or A Birthday Wish List

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