The Finest Girl In Hogwarts

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Madelyn screamed In frustration, desperation, despair, and defeat. She did a spell that traded her life for Esmeralda's. Soon Esmeralda's eyes opened and Madelyn collapsed dead to the floor. They saw all the years Clopin raised Esmeralda and told her he was her brother. But he was only her brother by raising her not by birth. Then they saw nothing as they heard a voice from a prophecy. The prophecy explained why a random dark wizard cared whether Esmeralda lived or not.

" On the same day the child of Hogwarts's gamekeeper Is born a teenage boy named Remington Gerow will quit Durmstrang school and become forever a teenage boy and the greatest evil since Grindelwald and Voldemort. If Remington also known as the new Dark Lord has his way Rubeus Hagrid's daughter will be Remington's wife also known as the first Dark Lady. The Dark Lady will be famously known as Dark Gypsy or Dark Emerald.

The memory was done and both Esmeralda and McGonagall were both shocked about everything.

McGonagall: Well first problem solved. Your father lives on the Hogwarts grounds. When he built his house here he added a room for you too In hopes you would someday return.

Esmeralda: And my mother?

McGonagall: She died from a disease too. Unfortunately she stayed dead. I definitely don't think It's a coincidence that both of you got a disease. I'm sure this new Dark Lord did a spell that gave It to both of you. I'm sure killing you and your birth mother with the disease and saving you by killing your adoptive mother was all part of his dark plans. Either way while you're a student here we'll do our best to protect you and make sure this prophecy never comes true. You'll still need your school supplies but that's what this whole summer Is for. And I know you'll make friends easily. With you being Hagrid's daughter there are certain students who would love to be your friend. I'll be writing to them about you as soon as I can. Come on, let's get you back to your father.

McGonagall walked with Esmeralda until Hagrid's house came Into view.

McGonagall: I'll let you walk the rest of the way by yourself. This Is your home. Hogwarts, this hut, and all the grounds. Welcome home Esmeralda Hagrid.

She walked back and Esmeralda made her way to the house. She knocked on the door and Hagrid opened It.

Hagrid: Hello miss, can I help you?

Esmeralda: My names Esmeralda, and thanks to the pensieve In McGonagall's office I now know, I am your daughter.

Hagrid gasped and a tear went down his cheek.

Hagrid: Sadie

Esmeralda: It's Esmeralda now, but yes It's me(Smiled as a tear went down her cheek)

Esmeralda: Hi, dad!(Crying as she ran Into his arms)

She always use to say to herself " I ask for nothing, I can get by". But she no longer had nothing. Now she had freedom and was going to be able to go to school and use her magic without judgement. Although she no longer needed to dance to be able to eat she grew up on dancing and she loved dancing so much. So she still planned on dancing for people Including on the streets of Hogsmeade. Everyone else's summer was also going better than they thought. Hogwarts's enslavement from Death Eaters and the battle of Hogwarts lead to certain events for some students but they weren't all that bad. Harry Potter definitely had no desire to track down the Dursleys despite Dudley and Petunia having a change of heart. So Harry did what he always wanted and moved In with the Weasleys. Hermione Granger couldn't reverse the spell on her parents even If she wanted to. During the hunt for the Horcruxes Death Eaters murdered her parents. So she also ended up moving In with the Weasleys. Draco Malfoy had a change of heart and so did his mother. But his father never changed and was sent to Azkaban for life. It took a lot of convincing but eventually Draco proved to Harry and his friends that he changed and would be a great friend to Harry and his friends. McGonagall even agreed during Draco's 8th year he would be a Hufflepuff Instead of a Slytherin. Hermione and Ron's dating was still going strong and now so was Luna and Neville's. McGonagall wrote to Harry, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, and all the Weasleys about Esmeralda. She Included the part how she survived all these years by being a gypsy and how that was the way she was able to use both her magic and dancing skills. Esmeralda was sorted right away during the summer. She was sorted Into Gryffindor. Hagrid bought all her school supplies Including a pet white cat for a late birthday present. She named the cat Jolly after the goat she use to have. Her wand was a golden brown wand that was 12.8 Inches. The wood was redwood and the core was dragon heartstring. McGonagall used the summer to find a teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts. With Narcissa Malfoy no longer a Death Eater and with still feeling the need to protect and watch over her son she took over that job. Hagrid went back to teaching Care of Magical Creatures and Slughorn stayed a Potions teacher. With McGonagall being Headmistress now she needed someone to take over Transfiguration for her. Grubbly-Plank became a permanent teacher and took over that position. Esmeralda used the other part of her summer to catch up on what the other students have learned and learn every spell, potion, subject, fact, ETC that she could. Soon summer was over and It was the first day of school. Esmeralda was welcome In the Gryffindor common room whenever she wanted. But she still lived In Hagrid's house In her upstairs bedroom. Esmeralda went to the train tracks with Hagrid that morning to welcome the students and meet her new friends. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ginny, and Draco walked over to Hagrid. Draco and Esmeralda fell hard for each other Immediately.

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