The Finest Girl In Hogwarts

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Note 1: In this version of Harry Potter Hogwarts has 8 years not 7. So It takes place the year after the battle but Instead of them having families It's another school year. The only other difference In this version Is Draco does not end up with Astoria Greengrass. According to the people who made the animated Disney version of Hunchback of Notre Dame Esmeralda Is In her early 20's. But In this story she Is 18.

Note 2: We only saw a few scenes of Cormac McLaggen In the last Harry Potter movie. But my guess Is the situation of Hogwarts changed him from a jerk who Is full of himself to a sweet and generous guy. And In this story a sweet and generous guy Is exactly who he Is. There Is a love triangle of Draco and Esmeralda and Cormac and Esmeralda.

Note 3: I know according to history the Festival of Fools takes place on New Years. But for my story It takes during the summer on June 1st.

Start of Story

When Esmeralda appeared on the Hogwarts bridge she was confused. She was now In front of a big castle. She made her way to the castle. She walked Inside. She noticed this castle was huge. She went Inside the first doors she saw which was the great hall. She saw a women at the table way at the end of the room.

Esmeralda: Excuse me? Miss?

McGonagall: Young lady you startled me. Are you one of my students? What are you doing here during the summer?

Esmeralda: School? This Is a school?

McGonagall: Yes dear, you must be lost. How did you get here?

Esmeralda: I don't know, I did a spell In Paris then ended up here.

McGonagall: At least you're a witch and not a muggle.

Esmeralda: Muggle?

McGonagall: Non magic person, how old are you?

Esmeralda: I just turned 18 yesterday

McGonagall: Do you know who your parents are?

Esmeralda: Both of my parents died when I was a baby. I been living In Paris ever since.

McGonagall: Maybe not, I think your magic brought you here for more reasons then you being a witch. Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'm Headmistress and Professor Minerva McGonagall. We will go to the pensieve and find out exactly who you are and who your parents are. This coming semester you will be a student here. You have a lot to catch up on but I know you'll do great. What's your name my dear? First and last?

Esmeralda: Esmeralda Rickerman

Esmeralda followed McGonagall to Dumbledore's office which has been hers since she became headmistress.

McGonagall: Don't worry this won't hurt

McGonagall took a memory from Esmeralda's head and threw It Into the pensieve. They saw a black witch named Madelyn Rickerman who has been desperate for a child but wasn't fertile and was very poor. They saw that Madelyn was desperate enough to stooping to stealing someone else's child. They saw Madelyn steal Esmeralda from her home as a baby and move to Paris. They saw a younger Hagrid and a black women named Lucianna crying over their gone child. They saw a year later baby Esmeralda die from a disease and Madelyn sobbing In her house while holding her. They saw an evil teenage wizard named Remington Gerow appear In the room. They heard the conversation between the two.

Remington: You know what you must do

Madelyn: No(Shook her head no)

Remington: You must save her. You know this Is the poor child taking your punishment for stealing a child from her parents. You always wanted to be a parent now use It! Use It!

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